Facial Skincare Tips


Glowing, unlined skin is probably the universally recognized sign of beauty and good health. Our facial skin is exposed to the elements every single minute and is the parameter by which the health of our skin is judged. Clear glowing skin lifts average facial features to the realms of beauty while sallow skin detracts from the charm of the most beautiful face.


The skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, and as such, is more prone to the ravages of pollution, dirt and grime to which it is constantly exposed .Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun causes premature wrinkles and pigmentation.  Any imbalances in the body such as lack of sleep, poor nutrition, lack of adequate hydration or circulatory disturbances reflect in dark under eye circles and a sallow complexion. 


To have enviable skin, not only do we have to treat skin externally, but also need to nourish it from within. A regular skincare routine with natural nourishing and fortifying cream can help repair and protect the damaged skin.


How Can We Take Care or Nourish from Within?



We can care for our skin by:


1. Following a balanced diet which includes plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruits for nourishment of the skin


2. Drinking at least 2 liters of water every day for ensuring good hydration of the skin


3. Getting 6-8 hours of restful sleep daily to relax and replenish the skin cells


4. Getting adequate exercise in the open air for sufficient oxygen supply to the cells


 Rules or Steps to Preserve and Improve Facial Skin Tone


1. The first golden rule is to never skip the daily nightly cleansing- toning- moisturizing ritual. The skin is exposed to dust and pollutants in the atmosphere and cleansing with water is not sufficient. Use of a cleanser is a must to remove every last bit of grime and stale make up and for skin pores to be free to breathe .Use of a toner tightens the open pores and improves skin tone. Use of a moisturizer ensures that skin cells are hydrated and able to renew themselves even as we sleep.


2. Exposure to the sun causes premature ageing and wrinkles on skin. The second golden rule is never to step out in the sun without protecting the face with sunscreen. Use of sunglasses is essential to stop us from squinting in the sun, which causes crow’s feet around the eyes.


3. The third golden rule is to seek a doctor’s prescription for acne outbreaks. Treating acne with over the counter medications worsens the problem and may lead to unsightly scars.


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