FDA Skin Sanitizers

The skin sanitizers have become very popular. People have become very conscious about their health and hygiene. At many places there is not a proper facility to wash your hands with soap and water, in such cases people have started using hand sanitizers. The FDA approved sanitizers have at least 60% alcohol content and then only they are effective in cleaning the hand free of germs. An effective skin sanitizer should have the desired amount of alcohol. 

We are in constant contact of germs everywhere. Everyone is aware that the hand sanitizer is a necessity for maintaining health and keeping your immune system protected from germs. Using a skin or hand sanitizer to eliminate germs is highly advantageous in reducing your risk for colds and flu. To effectively clean you hand you need a skin or hand sanitizer that works. There are many products on the market, but the FDA has specifically approved certain substances as antimicrobial agents. One of those substances is ethyl alcohol. In the accurate amounts, ethyl alcohol can be 99.9% effective against germs. The common amount is between 62-70% by volume. If a hand sanitizer doesn't contain an FDA-approved drug like ethyl alcohol it won’t be effective against cleansing the hand.
To keep your hands clean you have to sanitize them regularly. People generally don’t do it regularly, but it has to be done regularly so that your hands are clean and germs free. The correct and proper way to do it is to take out the bottle apply the gel and then put it in your hands properly before it evaporates. It does not take much time, but has to be done and many of us find it a cumbersome procedure. The hand sanitizer that comes in spray bottle are better and easier to use as when uses it comes out in proper amount.
Alcohol is a solvent that extracts natural oils from things it touches, including your skin. When your skin loses its natural oils, it dries out. You should select a hand sanitizer that also contains essential oils so that your hand does not become dry. The FDA approved hand sanitizer when applied will kill germs and the alcohol will evaporate after you've rubbed it around to kill germs and then you will have a pleasing moisturizing solution that will keep your hands from becoming cracked and sore.
Mostly the alcohol-based sanitizers have ethanol or isopropanol or a combination of these two products. Almost all the brands also have a moisturizer to reduce irritation to the skin. Alcohol works without delay and efficiently to kill bacteria and most viruses. Alcohol gels work by removing the outer layer of oil on the skin, thereby destroying any microorganisms present on the surface of the hands. To be most effective the hand sanitizer should be rubbed into the hands for 30 seconds. If hands are dry after only 10-15 seconds, it is likely that not enough sanitizer was used. Proper of the hand sanitizer will keep your hands clean and free of germs.

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