Feeling Cold in Summers


Experiencing cold during winters and hot during summers is a common phenomenon but what about feeling cold in bright summer days? We naturally think something is going wrong with us if we felt so cold in bright sunny days. Feeling cold in summers may seem to be surprising and awkward condition, but there are several individuals experiencing this condition frequently or constantly. These are some sorts of medical conditions that are connected with feeling cold in summers. Several reasons are pointed out by experts based on scientific analysis for this strange experience.


Reasons Behind Feeling Cold in Summers


1. Females Feel Colder as Compared to Males: Females are more supposed to feel colder than males. This is due to the existence of estrogen hormone in them in relatively higher quantity. Despites they have more fat deposits and less muscular tissues compared to men. Muscles have a vital role in maintaining warmth of our body. Moreover, women have to tolerate blood loss during monthly menstruation.



2. Infections and Feeling Cold: Chillness can be also caused by an infection and this will make you tremble and sense cold even in case your body temperature is normal. It commonly takes place at starting or ending stage of an infection. It is a part of body’s response towards disease causing microbes. If it is verified this is the cause for cold feeling then you have to ensure right medication from right physician.


3. Nutrition Deficiency and Feeling Cold in Summers


a) Diet and Feeling Cold in Summers: If you are having an unhealthy diet that contains no sufficient quantity of minerals and nutrients you may feel cold in summers. Consuming junk food will result in tremendous weight loss and make you weak. Unhealthy diet and underweight are sure to cause strange body temperature.


b) Underweight People Feel Colder in Summers: If an individual is skinny and underweight, then his body may undergo abrupt body changes. This condition can be balanced by taking nutrient rich foods. However, in extreme case of thinness it is better to consult a physician. Vegetarians also supposed to suffer this cold feeling unless they consume iron enriched vegetable foods.



c) Anemia is a Major Cause of Feeling Cold in Summers: It is a known fact that anemia and cold feeling has a sound relationship. It is anemic people, who often complain of feeling cold in summers. Fatigue, decreased energy, shortness of breath, weakness, palpitations, light headedness and paleness are obvious symptoms of anemia. With getting a proper blood test one is able to detect the existence of anemia. Taking iron tablets or iron rich food such as green leafy vegetables forms an effective solution.


3. Hormonal Imbalance and Thyroid Problems: Pregnant women and women entering menopause experience hormonal imbalances inside the body. Due to this estrogen imbalance, she may feel cold in warm days too. If the sensation of coldness comes up with rapid weight gain, even after exercising and proper dieting; then she might be at a risk of suffering from thyroid problem. Usually thyroid disorders decelerate the metabolic processes and hence drop the body temperature. Hypothyroidism is an obvious condition that reduces the warmth generated by the body. In this condition, after undergoing TSH test, proper medication has to be taken to treat the condition. Weakened adrenal function is also a reason for this odd feeling.



4. Hypertension, an Etiology in Feeling Cold in Summers: People suffering from high or low blood pressure frequently find their hands and feet cold. In both cases of high and low blood pressures, the extremities i.e. hands and feet receive only a little amount of blood. If this is the cause one have to take treatment for regulating a normal blood pressure. People taking certain drugs or medicines may feel such unwanted chills. This is actually one of side effects of medicine.


5. Impaired Immunity and Reynaud’s Disease Leading to Cold Feeling in Summers: People experience cold in two ways either the whole body is chilled or only part of hand and feet are cold. In case you are feeling the latter, then weak immune system may be a reason. Fatigue caused by sleep deprivation or stress, also will drop the body temperature of an individual. Raynaud's Disease is a common disorder which makes an individual feel cold even during summer. This is because Raynaud's Disease affects blood circulation.  Hence, patients tend to become very responsive towards cold.


The normal reaction to cold is to propel blood away from regions of the skin in order to maintain the internal parts warm. But in person with Raynaud's diseases the natural response to cold is intense. The small blood vessels become intensely narrowed and evidently lessen blood circulation to the skin, mostly in the toes and fingers. So persons with Reynaud’s disease are more sensitive to minor falls in atmospheric temperature also than other people. They need extra covering and clothes to protect themselves from cold. You may also suffer numbness, pain, and tingling in the affected parts. These symptoms may last from few minutes to a lot of hours. Raynaud’s disease symptoms are usually activated by low atmospheric temperatures or by stress and anxiety. It is workable to control the Raynaud symptoms by taking self-care methods such as escaping the cold by wearing hand gloves and practicing relaxation techniques while feeling stressed. However, it is better to seek medical advice at an early stage itself.


Effective Remedies for Enhancing Body Temperature


1. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet


2. Do not skip meals.


3. Feeling cold may be normal also, particularly if it is experienced in the mornings. Long gap left after breakfast to take dinner may empty stomach. As a result, the body temperature may rise higher than the external temperature, so the individual feels cold. You can overcome the feeling of cold by changing lifestyle in most cases


4. Well balanced diet with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals including fresh fruits and vegetables.



5. Exercises such as swimming that stimulate cardiovascular movements, aids the capillaries and promotes blood circulation. Hence, exercising is a great way to increase bodily temperature.


6. Hot oil massages with oils will help to improve body temperature.


7. Chills produced due to any thyroid disorder or any medical condition must be consulted to a doctor soon. There are several other causes that affect the body’ response towards cold. So it is better to have a detailed consultation to find out the right cause of this cold feeling sensitivity and to take proper medication for the same.


8. Chills with a standard or elevated temperature must not be handled with blankets or warm clothing as this will increase the temperature of body to a critical level. 


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