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Everybody turns now towards to leading a healthy, balanced life. The first step in this big process is the attitude. We have to stop eating fatty, unhealthy food and to be more active and stop the sedentary life.


Eating the right food is the vital factor to be healthier. Do not keep on crazy diets - just eat healthy. We must not eliminate important foods that provide our body with carbs, proteins and fats. What one can do to start is to eat around 5 meals a day, which is eating often, but in small quantities. Consider light snacks like fruits and yogurts, with lots of nutrients and antioxidants.


Every morning, after you wake up, drink a glass of water, and the entire day, you should arrive to around 7 glasses, and increase the quantity if you are exercising. You will hydrate your body and improve your metabolism, thus burning more calories.


In addition, consider cardios, which is great exercise for the heart and also makes you burn calories. In general, if you walk/ jog for a mile, you will burn around 100 calories. In general, try to be as active as you can, by preferring the stairs to the elevator or picking up a parking place very far from the supermarket/ mall. Or just do exercises like push-ups, skipping the rope, sit-ups - any exercise that increases your heart rate. All you need for this is to find time (you can even do it while watching TV), the wish for a better, healthier life and body, and the will to start exercising and also keep up with the program.


In conclusion, in order to have the best results, keep in mind to mix the three elements, which are eating healthy, doing strength exercises and cardiovascular exercises. It is also important to remember that each of us is unique, thus we are different when it comes to health problems, genetic and aims. The best way to get through this is by consulting your doctor before adopting any diet plan and also a nutritionist or a personal trainer.

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