Foods that Aid in Sound Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps you live and work better. What you eat and you when eat determines the quality of sleep. Smartly planned diets will help you sleep soundly. A sound sleep during the night is important to keep you physically and mentally fit.  

Here are some tips to help you make intelligent diet plans in order to sleep soundly at night.

  • People who fast for the whole day to lose weight tend to sleep about 40 minutes less than those who eat proper meals. This happens because of the change in the hormone levels caused by fasting
  • Do not skip meals; instead, follow diets that are nutritious without being fattening
  • Do not wait till you are very hungry (at night, after fasting for the whole day) to have the next meal. A large meal leads to more secretion of gastric juices that stimulate rather calm nerves at bedtime; light meals help you sleep better
  • Begin the day with a balanced combination of proteins (dairy products, poultry, meat and fish) and carbohydrates (Potato, wheat, apricots, oatmeal and bananas)
  • The adequate amount of protein and carbohydrate intake will trigger the production of an amino acid called. This substance will produce optimum levels of hormones like Melatonin and Serotonin that calm the body and help you sleep
  • Chicken, tuna, shrimp, lamb, beef, turkey and salmon are rich in tryptophan, a substance that helps produce L-Tryptophan
  • For vegetarians, foods rich in tryptophan are milk, cheese, yoghurt, soy products, potatoes, nuts, seeds and bananas
  • Throughout the day you can have five to six meals that are about 300 calories each; nutritious mini meals like these will help balance hormones that manage sleep
  • Avoid fried foods, spicy foods and foods high in fat at night
  • Do not eat chocolates at night as they bring down Serotonin levels
  • It is better to avoid sleeping pills because they are (a) addictive and (b) tend to add unnecessary chemicals into your body
  • For those who cannot sleep due to worries or due to sleep related disorders like insomnia, it is best to regulate eating patterns that the have a calming effect and induce you to sleep soundly at night. Studies show that about hundred million Americans suffer from insomnia
  • Have a glass of warm drink that does not contain caffeine to help you sleep better
  • Cigarettes, coffee and carbonated drinks are not good sleep inducers. Instead they stimulate neuron-chemicals that help you become more alert
  • Carbohydrates (like whole grain cereal with milk and raisin cookies), are ideal for meal at the end of the day as they help you fall asleep better
Following these simple food suggestions will help you fall asleep soundly at night, to wake up fit and fresh for the challenge of the next day.

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