Foods To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

What foods to avoid during pregnancy is a very important question as the growth of the baby depends on the food that mother eats. It is mandatory to have a well balanced diet richin vitamins, minerals and calcium supplements.


Myths Involved With Diet During Pregnancy


What foods to avoid during pregnancy is a very sensitive issue as many women have many doubts in their minds as what to eat and what not to eat. Also it’s a common perception that during pregnancy, mother should eat twice the amount of food than her usual diet. But this is a myth, as it will only end up in unnecessary weight gain leading to many other diseases like hypertension, gestational diabetes or may lead to caesarian birth. So, don’t link your pregnancy as an excuse to overeat.



Avoid Undercooked or Raw Non Vegan Food


Avoid Fish


If you are a fish lover then abstain yourself from fish for few months specially fish that is affected by industrial pollutants. Such fish should be avoided even if it is a good source of protein. Also canned fish should be avoided as it contains amounts of preservatives like saline which is high in salt content which may increase the blood pressure of the mother and cause water retention.


Raw fish and oysters should not be eaten in any form.


Avoid hot dogs and frozen stuff: While pregnant, avoid salami, smoked fish.


Avoid liver and its products.


Sushi being a source of harmful parasite and bacterial should be strictly avoided.


Avoid Dairy products


Avoid unpasteurized dairy products like blue cheese and milk. As they contain listeria, so their consumption during pregnancy can lead to food poisoning, miscarriage or pre-term birth.


Avoid raw eggs or products made out of them like salad dressings, tiramisu etc. However, boiled eggs are considered safe during pregnancy.


Drinks to Be Avoided During Pregnancy


Completely avoid alcoholic beverages as it may cause the baby to be born with physical defects, hearing or learning disabilities. Also avoid wine, beers, coolers etc.


Avoid taking caffeine as it may lead to miscarriage and low births. The maximum limit of caffeine intake for a pregnant lady is 200 mg per day i.e. 12 ounce cup of coffee.


Fruits and Foods to Be Avoided During Pregnancy


Dates, papaya, asafetida and mangoes are considered as warm foods which cause dilation and may lead to miscarriage and should be completely avoided at least in the initial stages.


Unhealthy road side foods should be avoided.


White flour, being unhealthy, should be avoided hence all junk foods should be avoided. Try incorporate homemade nutritious food into your diet when pregnant.



Make it a habit to consume running water washed fruits and vegetables as unwashed fruits and vegans contain harmful parasite toxoplasma that lead to toxoplasmosis in unborn child.


It is very important to consult your health care provider before starting to follow any new pattern of diet as making any changes in your diet as even small changes make a greater impact in pregnancy.

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thanking you for giving this type of advices, so be the next time women will be take care of itself.
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