Foods To Increase Fertility

Today the science has advanced so much and there are so many fertility doctors or specialists who help many couples in conceiving and having children. But there are also many natural ways of food habits or diets to boost fertility.

There is not any magic food that can guarantee you conception. But definitely there is a healthy diet that a men or women can follow to increase their chances of conceiving. If your diet does not contain foods that help in making good blood, it may affect your fertility.

The foremost thing you have to bear in mind is that you have to eat healthy food. There should be less intake of animal protein and more intake of vegetable protein.

Do include more of dark green leafy vegetables like Spinach, raw broccoli etc in your diet as they can supplement you the necessary vitamins and minerals to your body. Even if you do not like them, finely chop and sneak them into your food so that you will not come to know that vegetables are inside.

Eat fruits that contain Vitamin C in galore, particularly men. The chance to enhance fertility is more.

Eat more of onions, liver, dark red lean beef, salmon, poultry and tuna that are excellent foods to improve fertility in women.

Drink green or black tea with little sugar, particularly women. The chance to become pregnant is more.

You have to cut off Trans fat from your food, because it can increase your probability of infertility. They are found in most of the packaged food stuffs and margarines. Trans fat of just 4 grams per day can push you to risk. So the first immediate thing you have to do after buying pre packaged food products is that you read the labels for the ingredients, chemicals etc that which is added in your snack.

Indulge in snacks like dried fruits. This may help you to fill your stomach as well as give you a good nutritional value.

Vegetables and Fruits supplement the essential nutrients and keep your stomach full for a longer time.

The list of other fertility boosters includes whole grains, dried beans, oysters and eggs.

Replace margarine in your recipes with olive oil or canola oil.

If you already follow a strict and healthy diet and is still not able to conceive, may be your dietary system is not strong enough. You can consult a professional herbalist who will help you in prescribing herbs that can aid digestion and thus help in forming good blood in your body system. This also will help in giving you a elevated supply of energy.

In addition to a good and healthy digestive system, there is an energy known as the Kidney Jing that has to be supported to improve your fertility.  When you get anger, feel depressed or frustrated, you will not be able to sleep deeply because your jing is low. This may give rise to emotional and mental depression. Jing is the savings account of energy you have that is the power base that aids your complete body and the center of your sexual vitality. Thus it will enhance fertility in women. So learn to balance your diet to aid digestion and increase your fertility.

Food is only one part of the fertility equation. But that is also equally important and indispensable. If you eat healthier, there is more chance for you to conceive.

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