Foods To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Strong


The main threat to the health of heart is from cholesterol. The cholesterol is gained by the body through foods. There are good and bad cholesterols. Therefore, your heart can become free from many ailments if you eat foods containing more of good cholesterol and less of bad cholesterol. You can start this habit any time, so that your foods can start combating the ill effects that can affect your heart. Limit fats in your diet. Especially you should avoid dairy products and meats as they contain enormous fats. Also, including certain foods in your diets to keep your heart strong and healthy is very essential. 


Prefer Oatmeal Over Sugary Cereals in Breakfast



Oatmeal is good for your heart. Steel-cut oats or coarse oats are rich in fiber. Instead of taking sugary cereals during breakfast, take oatmeal. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium and folate. Oatmeal can reduce the levels of Low Density Lipid (LDL), which is otherwise known as bad cholesterol. This cholesterol can clog and block the arteries. Oatmeal prevents this from happening. Therefore, if it contains oatmeal, it is a super breakfast! 


Legumes Decreases the Bad Cholesterol from the Body



Taking legumes, especially beans, at least in one serving a day can bring down the cholesterol by 10%. Legumes contain fiber and other compounds that can lower cholesterol and avoid blood clotting. It can improve the functionality of blood vessels. The folate in legumes holds homocysteine levels in check. The heart troubles are indicated by the levels of homocysteine. 


Included Diet That is Heart Friendly



Heart being the vital organ in our body, it requires the best nutrients for its health. Heart ailments generally lead to serious conditions. While including the foods that are healthy to heart, you should also avoid the foods that can cause heart ailments. Choosing the right foods for low cholesterol is very important. Vegetables and fruits lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Including them in your diets on a regular basis is a good start. Take fruits in the morning instead of cookies. Time and efforts on cooking are also saved. Avoid fast foods as they are high in calories and can result in building of fats in your body. More the fats you have more will be the load on your heart. As an alternative to fruits, you can take whole wheat bread. The whole wheat can block back cholesterol. 


Omega 3 Rich Foods Recommended



Consume more foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is an excellent source of omega-3. Nuts and seeds, whole grains, legumes, and green leafy vegetables are also rich in omega-3. The omega-3 fatty acids target high triglycerides in the blood. Avoid junk foods and cultivate the habit of taking healthy snacks such as popcorn, pretzels and nuts. 


Blood Cholesterol Lowering Foods


Oatmeal, beans, barley, peas, carrots, apples and oranges can help lowering the cholesterol levels. You can obtain a complete benefit package by including all five food groups in your diets. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are more effective in keeping your heart strong and healthy. You can modify your cooking style by substituting fiber-rich ingredients in your recipes. You can replace flour items with oats. You can include vegetable salads, soups and fruit juices in your diet agenda. Use brown rice. Skins of fruits contain fiber, and so, do not eliminate them.


Thus the Healthiest Foods for Heart are


1. Oatmeal


2. Fish as it has omegas


3. Fresh fruits and veggies


4. Walnut but only one in a day

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