Fourth Week Of Pregnancy

It is generally during the fourth week of pregnancy that most of the women discover that they are pregnant primarily because they experience missed period which is one of the most important symptoms of pregnancy. In certain cases women tend to feel tired during the fourth week of pregnancy as the body experiences many changes in order to support the growth of the baby. The symptoms that women experience during this phase are quite similar to that of the menstrual period. The general symptoms of menstrual period which is nausea and cramps might occur at this time. There are some women who experience a lot of abdominal cramps and they are quite sure they will get their normal periods within a couple of days, but they are completely taken aback when they get to know they are pregnant after a couple of weeks when the period does not arrive. Abdominal cramps can hint both towards a pregnancy or the usual menstrual period, so one really needs to be careful, in order to detect the pregnancy at the right time. During the last days of fourth week of pregnancy you can take a home pregnancy test in order to find out whether you are pregnant or not. If you are expecting to get pregnant and the pregnancy test shows a negative result, then do not lose heart, just give it some more time because some women do not produce sufficient pregnancy hormones during the fourth week of pregnancy and hence the home pregnancy test kit cannot confirm pregnancy.  

The occurrence of pregnancy depends on a lot of factors and treatment for infertility is not considered until a couple has been trying to conceive a baby for a year, without any success. At times stress is the major factor because of which couples cannot conceive. Ironically most women conceive when they are not making a conscious effort to get pregnant and the reason for this can be because that their mind and body is free from any kind of stress. Practicing yoga or meditation can provide a calming effect to the mind and help you to get rid of stress.
The size of the baby at the fourth week of pregnancy is around 0.04 inches. The placenta starts to develop at this time. Through the placenta the baby will get its nourishment during the pregnancy. The placenta consists of intricate networks which carries nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. The embryo will implant itself deeply on the uterine wall. Even the development of the baby’s organ begins during the fourth week of pregnancy. So the early phase of pregnancy is considered as a very critical period and if the mother comes in contact with harmful substances then it can cause some kind of damage to the fetus. Fetus malformations in most of the cases are due to the exposure to harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol. If the mother is addicted to any of these substances then she should take adequate measures to control it as it is not good for the baby.

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