Gastric Bypass Surgery

It reduces the amount of food and the absorption of calories in the food. It is used for patients who have obesity and who cannot get rid of fat by means of diets or exercise. . It has been recommended as it has few complications. It can provide ever lasting results if the particular individual maintains a strict and healthy life style.

Roux-en-y bypass: The most common form of gastric bypass surgery performed in patients. It has few side effects and provides excellent weight loss. The stomach is divided into two sections which are separated by means of bad or staples. The bottom part of the stomach is not functional as it is completely separated. Size of the top section of the stomach is considerably reduced and connected to the small intestine, leaving the sealed portion of the stomach. The benefits of this treatment are losing body weight, reduction of back pain and high blood pressure.

Extensive Gastric bypass: The lower portion of the stomach is removed in this surgical procedure. The small portion is directly connected to the small intestine. It is rarely used as it makes the body prone to nutritional problems.


The benefits of Gastric bypass surgery are:

  1. Since patients can resume work normally after some time, there are fewer risks of bed sores, blood clots and other problems attached to immobility.

  2. This surgery is very accurate as the procedure is done under magnification by the surgeons who can observe very minute details.

  3. It also needs less quantity of anesthesia, as the patient spends less amount of time in the operation theatre and it does not cause any side effects.

  4. They experience little pain post surgery and may need mild pain killers.

  5. The infection complications are greatly reduced as only five short incisions are made during this form of procedure and it takes less time to heal.

  6. Medical research has proved that obese patients who undergo bypass surgery have lesser chance of premature death than patients when compared with obese patients who did not opt for surgical treatment.

There are side effects such as:

  1. Some patients need follow-up operations to correct additional problems like abdominal hernias.

  2. Some patients develop gallstones or infections in the incision area, clotting of blood in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), deficiencies in nutrition which causes osteoporosis or anemia. The deficiencies are caused because of the non-absorption of minerals or nutrients which makes the body craving for minerals like iron, magnesium or calcium. A licensed dietician should be consulted to plan meals which may make the body self-sufficient.

  3. Patients should avoid foods that contain ice cream, condiments and soft drinks which can cause side effects like sweating, dizziness and shivering of arms, legs and increase in heart rate.

  4. Bands or staples which are used to separate parts of the stomach breaks or detiorates, the surgery will be reversed.

Gastric bypass surgery produces a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients and also has curing properties for headache, diabetes and other disorders

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