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A sunglass is not just a fashion accessory but they play a major role during the summer providing comfort and health for your eyes. During summers, we give prime importance to protect our skin, hair and other organs but forget our eyes. Our eyes are equally important and should be protected well especially from the burning summer heat. Let’s discuss about some reasons that can show you the importance of taking that additional effort to put sunglasses in summers when you are out.



Protection From UV Rays Wearing sunglasses in summer will aid in protecting your eyes from the destructive effects of the ultra violet rays. The UV rays can cause degeneration of muscles and premature aging. The skin around our eyes is very delicate and hence prone to under eye wrinkles when exposed to excessive sun’s heat. Good quality sunglasses can get your eyes protected from summer.


Helps In Reducing Glare Sunglasses plays a major role in reducing the glare. Planning to go for an outing in the lake during summer then sunglasses is a must. Wearing sunglasses in summer can prevent the dazzling reflections from disturbing and interfering your activity. In summer make sure that you wear a sunglass when you are driving, skiing, boating and riding a bike.



Protecting For Eyes from Dust and Wind When you are driving or relaxing out in the hot sun there are heavy chances of particles blown by wind to get into your eyes. Wearing sunglasses in summer serves as an effective barrier from wind and also reduce the evaporation rate of your tears which is more in summer. For people who are using contact lenses a sunglass is a must as they maintain them moist and also prevent the dust particles from getting to your eye thereby causing the abrasion of cornea.



Sunglasses Reduce Eye Strain and Headache Sunglasses help in reducing the strain of your eyes. On a bright day the quantity of light that gets into the retina which is sensitive to the light can’t squeeze small enough to decrease the quantity of the light rays that enters the eye to a comfortable level. This can result in squint and the eye muscles get tired with more squinting. And this inturn will lead to eye strain and head ache. Sunglasses help in reducing the quantity of light that gets into your eye and eradicate the necessity for any squinting and severe constriction of pupil.


Effect of Ultraviolet Rays On Human Eyes


Ultraviolet rays fall in the category of electro-magnetic radiation. These are the invisible rays that lie beyond the end of the observable spectrum means after violet. UV rays also get emitted in low density from Computer and TV monitors, and fluorescent lamps. There are different type of UV rays and are differentiated as UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. The ocular tissue layers that absorb varied wavelengths of these Ultra Violet rays show a tendency to respond differently. The cornea of human eye is susceptible to the harmful effects of UV-C and also less to UV-B. But cornea will absorb the UV-C ultraviolet rays from the welding arc thereby causing pain and tearing of the cornea between half an hour to 12 hours after the exposure. Excessive exposure to Ultraviolet rays has reported cases that had corneal cell damage.


Portions of UV-A along with less extend of UV-B that is transmitted through the aqueous and cornea gets entirely engrossed by crystalline lens. This can have an effect on the nuclear proteins of the lens and may lead to cataract. Ultraviolet rays of long wavelengths that get passed through the lens of eye will get received by the human retina that may lead to degeneration of macula and also retinal tissue damage. Wearing sunglasses in summer can provide a good protection from these rays and for the eyes with lot of comfort.


Healthy Tips for Choosing Sunglasses


The increase in the temperature has made the need for wearing sunglasses necessary especially while going out. The big framed sunglasses are the latest and the fashionable trend across the world. Wearing sunglasses in summer is beneficial but then improper glasses can cause severe damage to your eyes. Some valuable tips can help you in making the right choice.



The Three Standards That You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing a Good Quality Sunglasses Are:


  1. Function of anti-radiation is a must in a sunglass

  2. Prevention of the visible light should be less

  3. Design radian and corneal radian should be similar.

Big framed glasses are more preferred not only for being stylish but also for the fact that they provide protection for the eyes from glare, dust and also from the harmful effects of sun rays.


How Duplicate or Cheap Brand Ff Sunglasses Harm Your Eyes


Sunglasses should be the ones that can provide protection for your eyes and not harm your eyes. Cheap sunglasses from the roadside or duplicate glasses can hinder your retina and damage the cells of your eyes. Take enough care before getting a sunglass for you as wearing sunglasses in summer should be for comfort and protection and not just for style.


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