Ginger And Honey For Cough

Ginger is known to produce numerous health benefits but when mixed with honey, which acts as a medium to transfer the benefits of ginger, its useful effects gets aggravated. This concoction is an alternate therapy for cough.


A Brief Regarding Cough


Cough irritates the lining of throat and blocks airways with the mucous and fluids thereby causing discomfort and irritation to the throat. Cough can be dry or productive coughs. There can be many reasons behind them like viral infections or any allergens like pollens. Dry cough is often accompanied by hoarseness of voice and itchy feeling in throat. Productive cough or wet cough has sputum. In both the cases, keeping throat moist has a temporary soothing effect.


How to Use Ginger and Honey for Cough


Ginger Tea: You can easily boil ginger with your regular tea and drink it hot. It will instantly give you relief from tinkling throat.



Honey-Lemon Juice Mixture: Mix equal amounts of honey and lemon grass juice and drink this decoction.


Garlic Cloves and Oregano Juice: Mixing garlic cloves and oregano juice and adding this to a teaspoonful of honey is also an effective home remedy for cough.



Ginger Honey Candies: If you are having cough during travelling then ginger honey candies are the recommended choice of treatment.


Also ginger and honey has antioxidant properties thus it helps to increasing the immunity of a human body. In India ginger and honey are found in almost every house and is used as a natural remedy for cold, cough, etc. The best way to consume ginger is to take ginger juice with honey. Also ginger and honey crystals are very popular in market and can be easily consumed by taking this in form of juice just anywhere.


Honey and Ginger for Children


Honey and Ginger complement each other very well. Always small children are given honey in cough than antibiotics as it has no side effects at all. It even helps children to sleep better. It has been proven that honey is a very effective cough medicine than any other cough syrup. Honey is very useful in reducing night coughing. So it is very important to use Ginger and honey for cough.

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