Glittery Eye Makeup

Glitter in all cosmetics used to be part of the disco culture. Glitter on clothes and shoes, eyes and on the face was a part of popular culture before being phased out by the ‘no frills look’. With retro look becoming popular, jazzy clothes and make uphave made a come back. Christmas and New Year, with their party scenes call for glittery make up. Glittery eye colors have suddenly become very popular at evening parties. While this look accentuates the eyes, care should be taken to keep the rest of the make up subdued since too much glitter would give a garish look.


For Glittery Eyes, the Basic Make up Kit Should Contain


1. Eye base


2. Concealer


3. Eye brow brush and pencil


4. Eye shadow in a neutral shade


5. Gel eye liner in black and silver/white


6. Crème Glitter


7. Powder Highlighter 


8. Kohl pencil


Steps to Glittery Eye Makeup


1. Shape the eyebrows.


2. Cleanse the eye area and apply eye base over the lids up to the brow bone.


3. Apply Concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes


4. Apply neutral eye shadow over the lids. Extend up to the brow area. Choose a gel based eye shadow so that it will serve as glue for the glitter.


5. Apply crème glitter on upper eye lids and work well into the crease of the eyelids


6. Use eye liner on the upper eyelid and extend the line slightly upwards and outward at the end.


7. Use silver or white eyeliner on the lower eyelids at the inner end. Line the middle and outer end of the lower eyelid with kohl pencil


8. Use powder highlighter just below the lower eye lashes


9. Use a dab of glitter crème below the outer end of the lower eye lids


Tips and Caution During Glittery Eye Makeup


1. Use deep jewel tones of glitter for evening wear. Team the same with white or silver eye liner on the lower lids for a glamorous look


2. Team two or more contrasting shades of glitter for a funky look.


3. Never go in for unbranded glitter. Unbranded glitter may be easy on the pocket, but may have sharp edges which irritate the skin or injure your eyes if they get into them accidentally.


4. If you are using glitter in powder form, ensure that your skin is not sensitive to the cream base used to fix the glitter coat.


5. Never brush on glitter as it may smear.


6. Always keep the eye brow color as light as possible.


7. Keep the shade of lipstick and blush subtle if you are planning to go heavy on glitter eye shadow.


8. With glittery eyes, stick rhinestones at the outer corners of the eyes for a diva look.

Ensure all eye make up is removed with a good quality eye make up remover.


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