Hair Color during Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a time when incredible changes happen to the mother’s body as the baby begins to grow. You might find that your hair undergoes  some changes, thanks to all those extra pregnancy hormones. However, the general question among the ladies “is it still safe to carry on colouring your hair when you’re pregnant? There were quiet a few studies that have really examined for different kinds of hair treatments on pregnant women and their effects on a fetus. However, it has been concluded that since very little dye is absorbed through the skin, coloring your hair is mostly safe during pregnancy.


Tips for Coloring Hair During Pregnancy


1. The general concern is that the harsh chemicals can get into the system through the skin.  But the other cause of worry is that inhaling the fumes during hair coloring may cause harm to the developing baby.

2. Most of the Hair dyes contain chemicals which have been shown to cause some harm. So it is feared that to color your hair during pregnancy is harmful. Using natural hair colours like henna does not cause any harm to the pregnant mother or the baby.


3. According to color experts, when hair is colored, most of the dye is absorbed by each individual hair shaft. It is only when the dye touches the scalp that it can enter the body. Because of this, only minute traces actually reach your bloodstream. Hence it is safe generally safe to color the hair. Also, modern hair dyes are safer than the ancient time techniques.


4. It is a proven fact that the chemicals that are used in dyes today have a very low toxicity, and hence it is widely accepted that they are safe to use during pregnancy.


5. In case, if you decide to dye your hair throughout pregnancy, it’s really good to remember that some traces of hair dye might reach your unborn baby. The more often you color, the more often your baby will be subjected to these very minute traces. However, this would not affect the baby.


As there were several techniques involved, color is added to the hair about an inch away from the scalp, so there is no danger of the dye being absorbed into the body at all?


1. It is advisable to wait to color your hair until after the first trimester and also avoid processes that involve scalp contact. Try for temporary color and highlights. Avoid using hair colour with Ammonia content.


2. Even though hair colors without harsh chemicals are safe bet for use by pregnant women, take the advice of your doctor or your hair stylist if you must have your hair coloured.


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