Hair Color Highlights

Highlighting hair helps lighten your hair color and also changes the way you look.  This makes it important that you choose just the right type of highlighting so that you can accentuate the shape and features of your face.  The right shade of highlighting makes you look better while a wrong choice in the highlighting color can make you regret your hair highlighting endeavor!

Choosing the highlight to accentuate shape of face

  • First of all, get your hair cut in a style that suits your face; the style should be convenient to maintain and help accentuate the finer points of your features and shape of face
  • If you have a narrow face and long hair, highlight the lower part of the hair so that your face appears shorter than it actually is
  • If you have a round face highlight the lower part of the hair, starting from the part near the ears and moving downwards
  • If you have a square face with a strong jaw line, distribute the highlighting evenly with a little extra in the front portion of the hair
  • For a heart shaped face, increase the highlighting in the crown region of the face

Choosing highlights based on hair color: The highlighting should not only be based on the hair color, but also on the basic skin tone of your complexion.  Ensure that you do not over color your hair.  In general, the lightest shades that match hair color should be avoided because as the shade progresses to becoming lighter, the percentage of hydrogen peroxide increases in the hair color product.

For those with black hair: There are several choices for hair highlighting or for streaks, if you are black haired.  If you want the bold look, blonde streaks are an option, but they should cover only one tenth or one fifth of your hair to look good.  For the soft, subtle kind of highlighting, reds and auburns are preferable.  Red tint enhances the color of black hair.   Certain shades of brown also make black hair more attractive. 

For brunettes:
Opt for copper or caramel shades.  Some prefer the champagne shade but try not to go in for too light a shade. 

For redheads: Champagne, fuchsia and gold blonde are great choices for highlighting color.  If the redness of your hair is warm then copper colors suit your hair better.  Otherwise you can opt for the beige-golden highlighting. 

For blondes: If you want to show the highlights only at the tips of your hair then go for the Brazilian blonde type of hair highlighting products. This color makes the natural hair color appear brighter and will create an effect of a lot of time spent in the sun.  Meanwhile, strawberry blonde shades also create an attractive effect. 

After highlighting: Make use of moisture-retaining and protein-enriched hair care products to strengthen your hair and keep it shining.  Exposure to sunlight after highlighting will make your hair brittle and it will tend to break easily, leading to hair loss.

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