Heel Cracks Even After Moisturizing

Heal cracks is a common problem that can be easily prevented or treated. Heel cracks are sometime called as heel fissures. Heel cracks are nothing but the condition in which the skin on the heels becomes dry, cracked and callused. Even if the condition is not critical heel fissures can become painful if not treated.


Main Reasons for Heel Cracks 



1) Too much pressure on heels

2) Dry skin

3) Autonomic neuropathy

4) Underactive thyroid

5) Skin condition such as psoriasis and eczema. The best home ready to cure heal crack is moisturizing.         

Heel Cracks Even After Moisturizing


If you have cracked heels even after scrubbing the dead skin and applying moisturizers, then do not ignore the first sign of cracks.


Lemon for Cracked Heels: Lemon is the best product for cracked heel treatment. Squeeze a piece of lemon in quarter bucket of warm water. After a while, use pumice stone to rub your cracked heels. This will help you remove the dead skin and make it softer.


Seasame Oil for Cracked Heels: Sesame oil is the best home remedy for heel cracks. Rub the sesame oil gently on the foot. Leave it over night on the cracked heels.


Coconut Oil for Cracked Heels: Coconut oil sometime does wonders. Massage your heels well with coconut oil. Leave it overnight with a pair of socks on. In the next morning rub your heels with the help of a pumice stone and wash well with hot water.



Paraffin Wax and Coconut Oil Mixture:  If the cracked heels are really bad you can melt paraffin wax and mix it with a little coconut oil. Fill this mixture into your cracked heels before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. Filling this wax in your cracks for at least 10 days will fill the gaps and pain will be reduced.


Banana Pulp, Avocado and Coconut Paste: Make a paste of banana pulp, avocado and half a coconut. Using this paste, massage your foot gently. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse well with warm water. The coconut and avocado is rich in fat soluble vitamins which will keep your feet moisturized.


Papaya and Lemon Juice for Cracked Heels: The juice of papaya and lemon also helps for cracked heel treatment. Rub the juice on the heel and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.


Good Foot Care: Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes, then scrub slowly with a pumice stone, apply cocoa butter. Leave it over night.


Wear Clean Socks: Change your socks regularly and always wear clean socks and footwear.


It must be noted that no matter what you apply on your feet, whether it is oils, crack cream, homemade paste etc., completely wrap it up with plastic cling film. This locks the moisture in and you will get miraculous results on the cracked heels.

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