Home Remedies for Body Ache

More and more people experience body pain. Body ache is only a symptom of a bigger health problem.  Aches are usually attributed to a variety of causes like injury, viral fever, infections or muscular spasms.  One of the most common pains is muscular pains.    If neglected it may intensify and cause other health problems.


Causes of Body Ache



  1. Body pain may be a result of infection, deficiency of minerals like calcium, diabetes, anxiety or depression, stress, sinus, osteoarthritis, overweight and more.

  2. Other cause for body ache and weakness is anemia. When a person suffers from anemia required amount of blood cells are not available to perform the bodily function and may lead to body pain.

  3. Change in the thyroid levels can also be a reason for body ache.


Symptoms Of Body Ache

These are the earliest signs of body ache are

  1. Weakness

  2. Headache

  3. Aching in the arms,

  4. Pain in legs and back

  5. Prostration

  6. Chills

  7. Sore-throat

  8. Signs of influenza 


Home Remedies for Body Ache



  1. Shedding some weight can help in relieving the lower back pain as obesity also is a cause for lower back pain.

  2. Drink a mixture of 1 large teaspoon of lemon juice and freshly made carrot juice every day to cure as well as avoid body pain.

  3. A body oil massage, preferably with herbal oil, on the affected part will give body pain relief. Add mint on the oil as it is soothing to an aching body.

  4. Add 5 gm each of peppermint leaves and elder flower to boiling water. Leave the preparation with lid for 15 minutes. Strain and take one cup of this concoction every hour.

  5. Another very effective drink for body ache relief is apple cider vinegar. Massaging with a little pressure during the massage is also recommended.

  6. Make porridge with two teaspoons of winter cherry and molasses and clarified butter and eat this on empty stomach. This is the best home remedy for severe body aches. For better results, take this for a minimum of fifteen days.

  7. Boil 2 to 3 bulbs of fresh ginger in 2 cups of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Drink one cup of this water every 3 to 4 hours. This also helps improve blood flow and help eliminate aches.

  8. Persons suffering from anemia should take fenugreek leaves as they help in blood formation. The fenugreek seeds are also useful for curing anemia as they are rich in iron.

  9. Make porridge with two teaspoons of winter cherry and molasses with clarified butter.  Take this on empty stomach for getting relief from body ache.

  10. Boil the powder of slipper elm bark in water and add honey and take one tablespoon of this every 3 to 4 hours to get relief from pain.

  11. Hot baths are also helpful in curing body ache.


Prevention of Body Ache


  1. Take plenty of fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable soups. Drink at least 10 glasses of water, as it helps remove toxins and negative radicals which may cause body pain and malaise.

  2. Do not smoke, drink liquor, coffee or eat junk food as all these items decrease your general immunity.

  3. Warm yourself properly as this helps in increasing the circulation and may reduce body pain.

  4. One should eat raw garlic as it increases your immunity and helps in fighting viral infections.

  5. Rest is a very important remedy.

  6. Turmeric and black pepper are helpful herbs for relief from body ache.

  7. Following a regular routine exercise helps to prevent body ache.

  8. A healthy lifestyle results in a life free from any pain.

  9. Always push the objects when moving and shifting them instead of pulling. This way, you can avoid straining your lower back.

  10. Smoking aggravates body pain. So avoid it to get immediate relief.

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