Home Remedies for Body Odor

Body odor is the unpleasant smell coming from an individual’s body. Body odor is something that causes embarrassment in social gatherings.   It is strongly related to the sweat glands that remove the toxins from the body. Perspiration helps in keeping the body cool. Perspiration itself is not responsible for the bad odor but it is the bacteria that get accumulated on the skin which releases foul smelling chemicals.  These chemicals block the sweat pores and give out the bad smell. The most vulnerable parts are the armpits and genitals that perspire more than any other part of the body.  


Symptoms of Bad Odor

The armpits and genital areas are the most affected areas.  It is a common occurrence during puberty and can persist for longer periods.


Causes of Bad Odor


1. The most common cause for bad odor is lack of personal hygiene.  Regular baths with soap and use of anti perspirants can help in controlling the bad odor.  


2. Bacterial infection can also cause body odor as the bacteria release chemicals through sweat which carry a heavy smell.


3. Metabolic disorders can also be the cause of body odor.


4. Certain foods can cause the skin to emanate body odor such as garlic, fish etc. because of their oil secreting nature through perspiration.



5. Use of certain drugs can also lead to the release of unpleasant odor from the skin.


6. Prolonged illness


7. Anxiety


8. Constipation


9. Menopause in women


10. Excessive secretion of hormones 


Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor


Simple home remedies can help you get rid of your body odor in a natural affordable way without causing side effects.  They are easily available at home they are simple remedies that can be followed by all.


1. Add some essential oils like lavender and sandalwood to your bath water which can help in fighting body odor.


2. Soak for about 30 minutes in the bath water to which tomato juice has been added.  


3. Use rose water spray on your underarms. Rose water is a natural alternative to chemical based deodorants.



4. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to your bath water for getting rid of body odor.  Apply the white vinegar on the under arms by soaking a cotton ball in it. This can prevent body odor throughout the day.


5. Avoid foods and excess use of substances like garlic, cumin, alcohol, caffeine etc as they can all cause body odor.


6. The juice of Turnip has the properties to fight body odor for nearly 10 hours. It can be rubbed on the armpits after washing them.


7. Rosemary is an anti bacterial herb with a pleasant smell that can control body odor. It can be added to the diet in tea as it has the properties to kill the harmful micro-organisms in the kin and is a good antiseptic.  It can be used as an essential oil to add to the bath water.


Prevention of Body Odor


1. A good personal hygiene can also help preventing body odor.  Take bath twice a day with soap with natural ingredients.


2. Wax underarms regularly to prevent excessive sweating and combating body odor.


3. Avoid being in hot and humid conditions for long duration.


4. Wear fresh and washed clothes and avoid use of harsh chemicals and cosmetics.

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