Home Remedies for Chest Pain

Chest pain is a frightening symptom if it is related to a heart condition. But it may be sometimes difficult even for a medical professional the cause behind the chest pain and if it is life-threatening. If the chest pain is squeezing, crushing and you feel a great pressure in the chest extending to more than 5 minutes and the pain starts moving towards your neck, shoulder and arm it may be a matter of concern. The person should immediately see a doctor or an emergency department of a hospital.


You should neither panic nor take chest pain too lightly. Slight chest pain may be the result of gas formation or some other minor ailment. Chest pain does not indicate a heart attack at all times so it is very important to not panic. Getting quick medical attention can help in finding out the problem behind the chest pain.


It will be helpful if you are more precise about the kind of chest pain you are experiencing. Things like pain is in which side of the chest, or if it immediately follows a certain activity, or after consuming certain types of food will help in correctly identifying the underlying cause of the chest pain.


Causes of Chest Pain


1. The most common cause of chest pain is a heart condition. Heart attacks start with chest pain. This is due to the blockage of arteries which supply blood to the heart. The reduced flow of blood to the heart results in decreased supply of oxygen. This can damage and cause the heart muscles to deteriorate and may even lead to death of the person. This is a serious condition and the person should be taken to the hospital immediately.


2. Angina is another condition that causes chest pain.  This is caused due to the imbalance of the supply of oxygen that the heart receives. This is different from heart attack as the arteries are not blocked completely.  The cause of this chest pain may be due to the blood clot in any one of the blood vessels.  This is also a life threatening case and needs immediate medical attention.


Home Remedies for Chest Pain


The best thing to do to treat the condition is to have a medical test to identify the cause of the chest pain. After the test indicates the cause of chest pain direct treatment of the condition can be started.  This will also reduce the recurrence of chest pain. Treatment can be determined only after determining what caused the chest pain. This is possible only when the patient is taken to the hospital or a doctor as early as possible.


1. Boil a few pods of garlic in milk and drink the concoction with the garlic pods daily to prevent chest pain.


2. Make a juice of Tulsi leaves and take a spoon of this juice with honey on empty stomach every day.


3. Dates should be pounded along with the seeds and consumed on a daily basis.


4. Eat fruits like Watermelon, Banana and Cucumber 3 to 4 times in a day.



5. Coconut water is also beneficial and should be taken as often as possible.


6. Increase the quantity of ginger and lime in your regular diet.


7. Make a powder of black gram and consume this daily.


8. Consume a healthy diet consisting of lots of fibrous vegetables and fruits..


9. Lifestyle modifications including light physical exercises and avoiding overindulgence in caffeine or alcohol etc. are helpful to avoid chest pain.


10. Meditation is found to help to calm the nervous system and prevent hypertension and thus reduce the chances of chest pain.  It is one of the most effective home remedies that can help in alleviating chest pain.

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