Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition in which the skin of the scalp suffers from flaking of dead tissue.  Dandruff refers to the state of the skin on the scalp in which shiny, silvery scales get detached from the scalp and they settle on the hair. The situation can become worrying when the skin gets infected.

Dandruff is more common in men than in women. Bacterial and fungal infection often leads to itching and irritation of the scalp. This results in a lack of protein in the skin, which becomes dry and flaky.  Dandruff can become worse due to stress, illness and harsh and harmful hair products.


Symptoms of Dandruff

The major symptoms of dandruff are


1. When the hair is combed or brushed, or during scratching, the scales from the scalp fall like snowflakes. These scales may appear as lumps or crusts on the scalp sometimes.


2. More often there is itching of the scalp and it may turn into red due to scratching.


3. Red scalp due to infection.


Causes of Dandruff

The following are the major causes of dandruff:

1. Unhygienic hair condition


2. Poor metabolism


3. Using Synthetic hair shampoos


4. Bad maintenance of hair and harsh treatments


5. Faulty life style



6. Anxiety, Stress and tensions


7. Poor blood circulation in the scalp region


8. Low energy levels due to poor nutrition


9. Use of common hair brushes and combs with others


10. Indigestion and constipation


11. Accumulation of toxins mostly due to eating wrong foods


Home Remedies for Dandruff


The following are some home remedies for dandruff


1. Make a paste of fresh neem leaves with water (Azadirachta indica) and apply it on the scalp. It is a well known effective home remedy for dandruff.


2. Applying coconut oil on scalp is another common home remedy for dandruff.


3. Soak Amla and Bhringraj powder in water and make a paste. Keep it over night and in the morning apply the paste on the scalp.


4. Apply Shikakai powder and water mixture and wash it off.  It is a very effective home remedy for dandruff.


5. Add some lemon juice in Luke warm water and apply it daily. It is also a common dandruff remedy. Mix a teaspoonful of lemon juice in the water used for washing the hair daily. This is a proven home remedy for dandruff.



6. Boil 100 gm each of Amla (Indian goose berry), Reetha and Shikakai in two liter of water until the liquid reduces to half. Use this as a shampoo continuously for about a month. It is an excellent anti dandruff shampoo and promotes healthy hair growth.


7. Make a mixture of olive oil and almond oil and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes. When it starts to give a burning sensation, wash off. This procedure will cure dandruff within a few weeks.


8. Fenugreek seed is another good home remedy for dandruff. Soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and prepare a fine paste of it the next morning and apply it on the scalp. Wash the hair using soap-nut (ritha) solution or shikakai.


9. Massaging the scalp with neem oil is another good home remedy for dandruff for dry and itchy scalp.


10. Apply a paste made of two egg whites with fresh lemon juice and leave for half an hour. Then use neem soap to wash the hair. It controls dandruff and give relief to itchy scalp.


11. Boil both the top and root of beet (preferably white beet) and massage properly on the scalp with fingertips every night. It is also an effective dandruff home remedy.


12. Washing the hair with a mixture of green gram powder and curd twice a week. This is a helpful home remedy for dandruff.


13. Rubbing the juice of snake gourd is also useful as a home remedy for dandruff.


Dandruff Prevention Advice


1. Include raw fruits and vegetables in your diet.


2. Always keep your hair and scalp clean to avoid accumulation of dead cells.


3. Avoid fried foods.



4. Brush your hair daily to improve the blood circulation and to remove any flakes.


5. Avoid using harsh hair sprays, gels, chemical shampoo or soaps and dyes which may aggravate irritation and make dandruff worse.


6. Avoid stress and tension to prevent aggravation of dandruff.


7. Citrus fruits, bananas, dried, stewed, or tinned fruits should be avoided strictly.


8. All fruit diet for a few days is helpful.  It can be followed by a well balanced diet to improve general health.


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