Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a condition in which the stools are watery and textured.  People of all ages are prone to be infected with diarrhea. Diarrhea is of two kinds, acute and chronic. Acute diarrhea is normally caused by a bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection. Chronic diarrhea is associated to functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. Frequent travelers to foreign countries are at risk for traveler’s diarrhea, which happens by eating food or drinking water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. This problem is more prominent with people visiting developing countries. Many home remedies have been used effectively to treat diarrhea for centuries using herbs and natural ingredients


Causes of Diarrhea


1. Bacterial & Viral Infection, caused by parasites, germs, virus, bacteria or a poison, which has entered into the body through food, water or air.


2. Water consumption is not sufficient


3. Excessive consumption of alcohol


4. Reaction to certain medications like antibiotics, blood pressure medications, cancer drugs etc, can cause diarrhea


5. Intestinal disorders or diseases


6. Incomplete digestion of food



7. Overeating


8. Poor eating habits


9. Eating the infected foodstuff


10. Drinking water from an infected source


11. Fermentation caused by incomplete carbohydrate digestion.


12. Nervous irritability


13. Excessive intake of laxatives


14. Allergies to common foods such as milk, wheat, eggs and sea- foods


15. Emotional strain or stress


16. Constipation


Symptoms of Diarrhea


1. Loose/watery stools


2. At times there can be abdominal pain associated with diarrhea.


3. Nausea



4. Sometimes stool contains blood


5. Fever


6. Vomiting


7. Weakness


8. Fainting 


Home Remedy for Diarrhea


1. Take one teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water half an hour before each meal for two weeks.


2. Use of Yogurt is beneficial in maintaining the health of the intestinal tract. It results into replacement of the good ‘gut’ bacteria that are destroyed when one takes antibiotics.


3. Ginger tea is considered as an effective remedy for diarrhea. Ginger tea or ginger in capsules work well to cure cramps. You can also add ginger juice to warm water and drink it get relief from diarrhea.


4. Drink 1 glass of lemon juice daily. It is effective to kill the pathogens causing the diarrhea.


5. Wild oregano oil helps to treat the bacteria, virus, or parasite causing the diarrhea.


6. Include brown rice and toasted whole grain bread in your daily diet.


7. Take carrot juice as it helps to cure diarrhea.


8. Avoid blackberry tea to alleviate mild diarrhea.



9. Take bananas as they replace potassium levels which are depleted when one gets infected with diarrhea. Mashed banana taken with curd is helpful too.


10. A mixture of mango juice, ginger juice and yogurt is a proven home remedy for diarrhea.


11. Eat 1-2 tablespoons of mashed apples daily.


12. Take mango nut powder in a glass of water to stop loose stools.


13. Buttermilk is a very good remedy for curing diarrhea.


14. Take a mixture of one teaspoon of mint, lime juice and honey, three times a day.


15. Avoid drinking apple juice as it can worsen the condition.


16. Drinking buttermilk with roasted cumin powder and black salt is another home remedy for diarrhea.


17. Spiegel seeds can be consumed with curd to treat diarrhea.


18. Avoid foods like pasta and bread, dairy products, corn, oats, potatoes and other wheat products.


19. Roast cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds and powder them and mix with yogurt and take it three times a day.


20. Drink water in which one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is added after every meal.


21. Oral rehydration therapy (ORS) is also very important in the treatment of diarrhea.


22. Ginger paste can be applied on the navel to for getting relief from diarrhea.


23. Triphala is another good herb used as a home remedy for diarrhea.


24. Roasted fennel and white cumin seeds can be taken in the dose of 3 grams 5 times daily is an effective way to cure diarrhea.

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