Home Remedies for Ear Infection and Ear Ache

Ear ache and pus formation in the ear are common problems associated with the ear.  It mostly affects children, young adults who participate actively in sports such as swimming and diving because of continued exposure to excessive and persistent moisture. The ear infection is therefore called Swimmer’s Ear. Pus formation in the ear occurs due to the inflammation of the inner canals of the ear.  This is caused by infection by different types of bacteria, fungi and virus and is also accompanied by pus formation.  Respiratory infections and blocked sinuses also lead to ear infection causing extreme discomfort to the sufferer.


Ear infection occurs mostly in summer months when people indulge in water related activities. There is acute pain in the ear which leads to many other discomforts and ailments like nausea, hard of hearing, fever and many more.  The parts affected are the ear canal or tract namely Otitis extern and the eardrum or the middle ear Otitis media.  The ear canals become swollen and tender and this causes blockage for the sound to pass through. So hard of hearing will be felt in the affected ear.  Sports injuries cause change of pressure inside the ear leading to unbearable pain in the ear.  If left untreated earache may become chronic and even cause temporary to permanent loss of hearing.


Symptoms of Ear Infection 


The most common symptoms of ear infection are as follows:


1. Severe pain in the ear


2. Ringing sensation inside the ear


3. Fullness in the ear


4. In the infants inconsolable crying and pulling at the ear



5. Some victims suffer from fever


6. cof the area around the ear


7. Frequent twitching of the face muscles


8. Irritability


9. Vertigo


10. Hearing loss in the affected ear


11. Nausea and vomiting


12. Diarrhea


13. Cough


14. Loss of appetite


15. Ear drum may be ruptured 


16. Foul smelling pus starts oozing out with reduced ear ache


Causes of Ear Infection


1. The most common causes are extreme cold conditions, excessive exposure to water through activities like swimming, scuba diving etc. Other causes include


2. Direct injuries during scuba diving, swimming etc. 


3. Crowded or unsanitary living conditions


4. In the case of infants, during bottle feeding sometimes allows fluid to collect in the throat near the Eustachian tube which connects the ear and the throat.


5. Extreme cold climate



6. High Altitude


7. In children cold, cough and running nose may also lead to pain in the ear.


8. When children are forced to drink milk it can enter the middle and external ear canal and cause inflammation.


9. Microorganism getting lodged inside the ear canal


10. When children suffer from sinusitis, cold or cough the infection travels to the ear as the microorganisms multiply and spread across the inner ear.


11. Accidental scratching of the inner ear when cleaning with sharp objects.


Home Remedies for Ear Infection & Ear Ache


1. Avoid any further water sports activities that can aggravate the ear ache such as scuba diving etc.  Bending and sneezing should also be restricted. Rest is advised in most cases to prevent aggravating the each ache..


2. Avoid exposure to cold and chill conditions such as rain and sudden change in temperature etc.


3. Avoid intake foods like guava, bananas, curd and other substances that can aggravate the condition. 


4. It is better not to take bath and remain protected from cold winds and air-conditioning.


5. Consume liberal amounts of ginger, garlic and onion both internally and externally to get relief from ear ache.



6. The herb Bilva should be used as ear drops. The root is made into a powder and boiled with mustard oil. This is filtered and the extract is used as ear drop.  This is a proven home remedy suggested in Ayurveda.


7. Other herbs helpful in the treatment of ear infection and ear ache are the medicated oil extracted from fresh leaves of Nirgundi and Lakshmi Vilasa Rasa.  This oil should be administered twice a day, once soon after getting up in the morning and once at bed time. Lakshmi Rasa Vilas is meant for adult patients and is taken in the form of pills.

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