Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Your hair depicts your personality. What if one day you wake up to see a grey hair? What’s the first thing you do? Gently go to washroom and pluck it off. But that’s not the cure as in next couple of weeks you might see multiple grey hairs growing. So, best option other than plucking is to try some beneficial and effective home remedies to further graying of hair.


How to Prevent Premature Hair Graying


It is matter of concern to have grey hair at a very young age so here are some home remedies that can be beneficial for you to avoid hair graying.

The first step is to identify a reason for graying hair.


Know the Cause: Consult a trichologist so look for any hereditary reasons.


Stop Smoking: As per latest research, it has been found that smoking leads to grey hair. So, if you are a chronic smoker or have just begun then stop smoking.



B12 Deficiency: Incorporate vitamin B12 and vitamin C in your daily diet.


Curry Leaves: Curry leaves have a natural property of hair strengthening. After boiling those in coconut oil apply the lotion everyday on your scalp. Also you can chew the curry leaves or use shampoos containing curry leaves as an active ingredient.


Diet to Prevent Grey Hair: Iodine and copper rich foods like lobster, shrimp, crabs etc. strengthens the hair. Vegans can go for bananas, carrots and green vegetables. Consumption of fried, oily and spicy foods can aggravate the graying hair condition. Avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee or alcohol.


Massage: Gooseberries or dried amla in coconut oil can be massaged to prevent grey hair or you can massage with cow’s milk butter. The enzyme present in cow’s milk butter prevents the de-pigmentation of hair.


Daily massage with almond oil.


Mixture of coconut oil into dried ridge gourd (tori) can be applied on the scalp.

Black Tea Massage: Adding salt to black tea and then applying can prevent hair graying.


Lifestyle: Due to the busy and sedentary life style, it is common to see the problem of grey hair. So, make a schedule to involve in activities like yoga and meditation. Not only will they reduce stress but will also prevent stress induce graying of hair.


Medical Ailments: Medical condition behind grey hair is typhoid. To prevent this maintain personnel hygiene.


Home Remedies for Grey Hair


There are many options available for grey hair like hair coloring, hair shading etc. but apart from time consuming the procedure can be expensive and also may damage the hair. As hair grows naturally so why not adopt natural methods to turn grey hair into black.


Protein Rich Foods: Incorporate protein rich diet like soy, whole grains, curd, eggs and cereals into your meal planner.


Iron Rich Foods: Have diet rich in iron, minerals and vitamins. Few to be named are bananas, yogurt, beans, green leafy vegans, eggs, oysters etc.


Iodine to Treat Grey Hair: Iodine helps in preserving the melanin of hair. So, include iodine rich salt in your daily diet.


Ginger-Honey Mixture:  Grate ginger and put it in a honey mixture. Take the one teaspoon of mixture every day.



Vegetable Juices: Juices of capsicum, carrot, lettuce and alpha-alpha helps to treat copper deficiency and thus prevents graying of hair.


Turing Grey Hair Black


Henna Hair Coloring: Hair is considered to be a good hair conditioner. Apply a mixture of henna powder, yogurt and fenugreek powder, coffee powder, and the juice of mint and basil leaves. After leaving it for three hours wash it with a shampoo to get natural shine and hair texture.


Diet to Turn Grey Hair Black: Eating seasame seeds or applying its oil helps in turning grey hair black.


Eating spouted methi seeds or applying its oil on the scalp can turn grey hair black.


Durva: It is a grass used to worship lord ganesha. Its paste can be applied before taking bath. It turns grey hair black.


Onion Paste: Application of onion paste before taking bath is a good home remedy to turn grey hair black.

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