Home Remedies for Influenza

 Influenza is an infectious disease. This disease strikes almost suddenly. The nose, ear, eyes, throat and the upper respiratory tract are mainly attacked by the virus. Influenza generally lasts for 7 to 10 days. In chronic influenza, the infection can spread up to the lungs and bronchial tree. It is a highly contagious in nature and can very easily spread to affect a high percentage of population. The fever is more severe in the evenings.  It can also result into an epidemics and pandemics. Pregnant women are more prone to influenza leading to viral pneumonia. Though there is no remedy that can completely cure influenza, some of the home remedies can help preventing worsening of the condition and control it to an extent.


Causes of Influenza


1. Unhealthy lifestyle


2. Faulty diet


3. Viral infections


4. Stress and anxiety


5. Lack of exercise



6. Staying in stifling rooms


7. Waking up till late hours


8. Overworking


9. Lack of proper diet


10. Damp conditions where virus can spread easily


11. Living in stuffy rooms


Symptoms of Influenza


1. High fever or chills


2. Severe pain in the muscles


3. Headaches



4. Weakness


5. Hoarseness



6. Stuffiness


7. Cold


8. Inflammation of throat and nose


9. In severe condition even the windpipe can also get inflamed


10. Sore throat


11. Running nose and eyes


12. Severe coughing


Home Remedy for Influenza


1. Take some fresh leaves of holy basil and some pieces of ginger plant and pour ½ liter of water in a container. Boil the contents for some time and prepare a decoction. Drink it as tea daily. Holy basil is considered very well in the treatment of influenza.


2. Take onion juice and honey in equal proportion and mix them well. Take this preparation every day in around 3-4 tablespoons of quantity. It is one of the best known home remedy for the treatment of influenza. This treatment should be continued for around a week as it is useful in boosting immunity.


3. Avoid heavy diet and if possible go for more of fruits and vegetable juices as a diet supplement.


4. Apply a paste made with coriander leaves on the forehead as it can cure influenza.


5. Another natural home remedy for influenza is to prepare paste with the leaves of Leucas aspera and apply it on the forehead.


6. Take one teaspoon of turmeric powder and add it to a cup of warm water. This should be taken thrice a day. Turmeric is very good for curing the disease and along with that it also takes care of the complicacies of the disease.


7. Take a gram of cinnamon 10 grams of cloves and 30 grams of ginger and boil them together in a cup of water. Drink this decoction thrice a day. This is a very effective home remedy for curing influenza.


8. The herbs such as Golden seal and Echinacea are good home remedies for treating influenza. Goldenseal is full of anti-viral and immune-stimulating actions. Echinacea can shorten symptoms when taken at the first signs of influenza.


9. Opting for black pepper is also a good idea for curing influenza. Mix ½ teaspoon of black pepper and ½ teaspoon of juice of ginger in two teaspoons of honey and mix them well. This preparation should be taken thrice daily. The usage of powder of long pepper is advised.



10. Garlic is an excellent anti septic and it should be in as high quantity as can be beared by the patient.


11. Grapefruit juice helps to tone up the body and the digestive tract. It is highly effective to treat influenza and should be taken daily.


12. Applying a cloth dipped in clod water on the forehead of the patient provides relief and lowers the fever. You can also soak the cloth in vinegar.


13. Eat food that is easily digestible like steamed stuff.


14. Add ginger and garlic in cooking liberally to improve proper metabolism. Ginger tea or garlic tea are helpful in curing influenza.


15. Drinking plenty of water helps in keeping the body cool.


16. Take adequate rest to save energy.


17. Avoid smoking and environments that are smoky.


18. Avoid egg, meat and starchy foods.

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