Home Remedies for Measles


Measles is a highly contagious viral disease. It is common to found among children and spreads by sneezing or breathing. The occurrence of this eruptive disease is so common that children all over the globe are found to suffer from the disease. A virus named paramyxo virus causes this disease to occur. It is a very unpleasant and dangerous disease. Measles may lead to Pneumonia in some cases. Measles is declared to be a notifiable disease in the United States. Which means that if any child is found to be suffering from this disease it should be immediately reported to the local government authority or to any health authority.  There are a wide variety of home remedies that can be used to treat measles at home without any side effects safely and easily without having to spend much. 


Causes of Measles


1. Invisible droplets of moisture which spreads from the nose or mouth of patient while sneezing or coughing



2. Faulty eating habits


3. Unhygienic condition of living


4. Lower immunity of body


5. Eating food contaminated by flies


Symptoms of Measles


1. High fever rising even up to 104 degrees


2. Cold and continuous dry cough


3. Runny nose



4. Sore throat


5. Redness and watering of eyes


6. Swollen lymph nodes


7. Loss of desire to eat or drink


8. Lesser formation of saliva coats on the tongue


9. Diarrhea


10. Delirium


11. Intense toxemia


12. Appearance of eruptions and rashes on the skin after a time period of few days which look like small round spots having reddened skin in between. The initial appearance of it is pink in color and only near the sides of face and neck which gradually turns red in color and spread all over the body.


Home Remedy for Measles


1. Orange can be very helpful sine it tastes good and thus it helps to overcome the problems like lack of desire to eat or drink for lesser formation of saliva coats or sore throat etc. It is considered to be the best liquid food.


2. Oranges are considered as very valuable home remedies in measles, as it strengthens the seriously hampered digestive power of the body. The intense toxemia and the lack of saliva form a coat on the patient’s tongue and destroy his thirst and desire for food. The agreeable flavor of orange juice helps to overcome these bad effects of measles. Orange juice is therefore the ideal liquid food to be taken during measles.


3. Chamomile is a useful herb to cure measles as it can stimulate appetite.


4. The juice of lemon is considered to be the best thirst quenching drink and it overcomes the problem of lack of desire to drink. Take around fifteen to twenty five mili liter of juice of lemon and dilute it with the help of water. This should be drunk continuously in a day leaving a gap of few hours.


5. Turmeric is yet another helpful remedy in the treatment of measles. Take some raw roots of the plant of turmeric and keep them in sun for a couple of days to make them dry. After they are completely dried out grind them to from a fine powder. Take ½ teaspoon of this powder and mix few drops of honey and juice of bitter gourd leaves in it to prepare a mixture. This should be consumed by the patient regularly to cure the disease.



6. If the child suffers with high fever he/she can be made to sit in a tub of lukewarm water and given sponge bath to get relief.


7. To get quick relief from the problem of cough, liquorice is a great help. Take ½ teaspoon of powdered liquorice and mix a few drops of honey to it. This preparation if licked daily by the patient provides great relief in the problem of cough.


8. Barley water is a very fruitful remedy against measles; it should be taken frequently by the patient in a day to treat ma effectively. You can also add newly drawn oil of sweet almonds to sweeten the water.


9. Include garlic and valerian in the diet to be able to fight infection. This is one of the traditional home remedies for measles.


10. Powdered cloves mixed with honey are another useful home remedy in treating measles.


11. To cure burning and itching in measles, use Amla in water, cool and use this water to wash the body. 


Diet Advice for Measles


1. Drink fresh Orange juice had 2 times a day.


2. Eat a light diet. Avoid heavy food and milk products such as cheese.  Suggested light foods are Corn flakes and rice flakes.


3. Drink barley water three times a day.

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