Home Remedies for Miscarriage


If the pregnancy terminates before the viability period, a miscarriage is said to have taken place. The period of viability is generally twenty four weeks. There are three trimesters in pregnancy. The chances of a miscarriage are high during the first two trimesters. While these chances decrease in the last trimester. During these trimesters the weight of fetus is generally less than five hundred grams. A miscarriage can be desired or it may take place accidentally. We live in a society where it is up to the choice of a couple when they want to enjoy the joy of parenthood. But in some cases the miscarriage may take place accidentally which can be shocking and may shatter the dreams of the woman. Miscarriage is common and generally one out of every four women suffers a miscarriage.  There are many home remedies that help you overcome miscarriage. 


Causes of Miscarriage


1. Weakness of cervix


2. Defects of chromosomes


3. Disorders in the immune system


4. Hormonal imbalances



5. Pregnancy with twins


6. Problems concerning thyroid


7. High blood pressure


8. Chronic diseases like diabetes


9. Infections such as listeriosis


10. Increased level of water


11. Low lying placenta


Symptoms of Miscarriage


1. Bleeding of vagina


2. Pain in the abdominal region


3. Appearance of cramps at the back or pelvis




4. Pain in the pelvis or back


5. Tenderness of breast region


6. Unable to control urine


7. Need to urinate frequently


8. Feeling of sickness


Home Remedy for Miscarriage


A healthy well balanced diet and a stress free lifestyle are necessary to avoid miscarriages. Other home remedies are described below.

1. To prevent a miscarriage, mix together one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice and one teaspoon of honey and take this preparation every morning.


2. To strengthen the uterus, drink raspberry tea, it will help to coordinate the contraction and shorten labor.


3.Take ½ cup of milk and ¼ teaspoon of ground bay leaf. Mix them together and boil for around ten minutes. This should be drunk when cooled, twice in a day to protect fetus.


4. Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables must be included in the regular diet for nourishment to avoid miscarriage.


5. Drinking the decoction of black gram will alleviate fear of miscarriage.


6. The easiest home remedy to prevent half unicorn in a gap of every half hour. It helps to protect the woman from the chances of miscarriage.


7. Application of hot pads over feet is also helpful in the treatment of miscarriage.


Prepare a brew from safflower foliage. Its consumption avoids miscarriage during the early periods of pregnancy.


8. Asparagus or Shatavari is a very useful herb in curing problems of female reproduction. It is a powerful herb that cures infertility and prevents miscarriages with lots of other benefits.


9. During the first trimester of pregnancy, application of cold compress to reduce heat. Apply this in the inner portion of thighs; vagina, perineum and the lumbar region also help avoiding the miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy.


10. To get relief from morning sickness problem and also to give birth to a healthy baby with no physical disorders; include iron, cod liver oil and iodine in your diet.



11. Avoid consumption of alcohol during the period of pregnancy as it may cause mental retardation and other defects in the new born baby.


12. White sugar is found to cause miscarriage so it should be strictly avoided in the diet of pregnant women.


13. Avoid stress and anxiety.


14. Boil bay leaves in half a cup of milk. Drink this twice a day as it protects the fetus and prevents miscarriage.


15. Regular intake of Asafoetida is known to reduce chances of miscarriages and is the simplest of home remedies for miscarriage.


16. A spoonful of juice rich in vitamin C with homey should be taken every morning.


17. To keep weight off the hip portion and to have a proper mineral balance in the body take dandelion, alfalfa and kelp in appropriate amount.


18. Antibiotics should be avoided strictly.


19. Drinking raspberry tea is helpful in preventing miscarriage as it can strengthen the uterus and co-ordinates contraction and actually shortens the duration of labor. 


20. Drink tea made using nutmeg three times a day as it helps in reducing the amount of bleeding during childbirth and hence avoids miscarriage.

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