Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

A skin allergy, often referred to as a skin rash, is a chronic disease of skin that characterizes the overreaction of the immune system of the human body to certain proteins that get in touch with the skin. It depends upon the sensitiveness of the skin to a particular substance and varies from person to person. A person may be allergic to a substance to which the other person is not. The causing agent of allergy is called an allergen.  Rashes, pimples or prickly heat are common skin ailments that may occur due to skin allergy due to certain environmental or other factors. Nutritional deficiency and harmful chemicals can also cause skin allergies. Babies can suffer from diaper rashes due to the chemical substances used in the coloring of dresses or due to the germs present in the stools.


These allergens engross into the body of victim through skin, nasal passage, digestive tract or lungs. These allergies can be classified into various categories depending upon the cause of the allergy. Contact dermatitis is the type of allergy caused because of the contact of the skin with an allergy causing substance. Urticaria is because of concentration of some fluid at a particular place beneath the skin. It causes inflammation of the skin. Prickly heat occurs because of dry and warm weather. It causes red colored rashes on the skin that are itchy in nature. Home remedies are not only effective abut also inexpensive and safe besides being easy and convenient to treat skin allergies.


Causes of Skin Allergies


1. Varying temperature conditions


2. Allergy to some of the food products


3. Certain drugs also cause skin allergy



4. Use of various soaps cakes and detergents


5. Use of cosmetics


6. Environmental pollution such as smoke, pollen and dust


7. Animal dander


8. Change in climatic conditions 


Symptom of Skin Allergies


1. Itching and watering of eyes


2. Constipation


3. Pain of sinus


4. Blockage of nose



5. Coughing


6. Rashes


7. Redness of skin


8. Swollen tongue and jaws


9. Liquid nose and continuous attack of sneezing 


Home Remedy for Skin Allergies


1. Sandal provides soothing effect to the skin and is very good for skin. Take a small piece of sandal and make paste of it with the help of water (the paste should be slightly thick). Add to it some drops of juice of lemon. It preparation should be applied to the areas where rashes have occurred. It will give relief from the itching.


2. Applying ice over the affected skin is a good home remedy for skin allergies.


3. The best remedy for the complete cure of skin allergies is the use of almond leaves. Take some almond leaves and mash them properly. This paste should be applied over the affected area to get quick relief from the problem of skin allergy.


4. Apply Aloe Vera gel all over the affected skin to get relief from skin allergies.


Mint is very good product for getting soothing effect. Take some mint leaves and prepare a paste of it. Sieve the water from it and add 12 grams of sugar to it. This juice should be drunk for getting quick relief from the skin rashes.


5. Papaya is very beneficial fruit and serves as good remedy in the treatment of skin allergies. Take some seeds of papaya and mash them properly. The paste so obtained should be applied over the skin allergies to get relief from them.


6. Lemon is also a good option for curing skin allergies effectively. Lemon juice also helps to keep the body cool. Take some juice of lemon and mix to it few drops of coconut oil. It should be applied over the allergies on a regular basis till it disappears completely.



7. Avoid spicy and oily food.


8. Eat small meals at regular intervals.


9. Have only liquid diet two times in a month as it can help to cleanse the body of toxins and wastes that can help in curing skin allergies.


10 Caffeine and alcohol are known to aggravate skin allergies and also affect the overall health. They should be avoided or stopped forthwith.


11. Vitamin C is useful in treating skin disorders so include lots of fruit juices rich in Vitamin C in your diet.


12. Eating a well balanced and healthy diet is helpful in maintaining a good digestion and expelling unwanted substances such as wastes from the body which is helpful in preventing diseases including skin disorders.

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