Home Remedies for Sprain

Sprain is actually a stretch or tear in the ligament that connects two or more bones that form a joint. When the ligaments of the body are stretched beyond the normal capacity, a sprain is said to have take place. It is a type of injury which causes tearing of the ligaments. Ligaments are the tissues in the form of fiber that helps in the connection of two or more bones to form a joint. It is possible that two or more than two ligaments get injured at a time. Since these ligaments are very soft tissues, they get easily injured. The wrist, knees, hamstring and ankles are at more danger of getting hurt. Muscles’ fatigue leads to occurrence of sprains.


The sprains can be categorized into two based upon the severity of the situation. A grade I sprain refers to minor tearing or stretching of the ligaments. A grade II sprain refers to partial tearing of the ligament which is still in an intact condition. And the grade III sprain refers to complete tearing of the ligament, and the inability of the person to move that joint. The two types of the ankle sprains are inversion ankle sprains and eversion ankle sprains. Out of these two types the former is most common.  Easy and inexpensive home remedies have been used for over centuries for treating sprain effectively.


Causes of Sprains


1. Twisting of the foot


2. Carrying weighty objects


3. Walking on a rough surface or uneven ground



4. A vigorous gust to the body


5. Abrupt fall


6. Other causes which causes stretching and tearing of the ligaments


7. Wearing high healed shoes


8. Accidental hurting of joints 


Symptoms of Sprain


1. Inability to move the joint


2. Swollen joints


3. Appearance of bruises


4. Experience of pain


5. Pooping sound in case the ligaments gets ruptured


6. Experience of problems using the affected extremity


7. Instability of joint


Home Remedy for Sprain


1. Keep the sprained area bandaged tightly with elastic to keep the joints from getting injured further.


2. Epsom salt is a popular home remedy to treat sprain. Take some warm water in a bath tub and add two teaspoon of Epsom salt to it. Take bath in this water, it is called Epsom salt bath and provides relief to all the muscles and joints.


3. The best remedy for treating sprains is application of cold compresses with a bandage. Applying an ice pack for about 15 to 20 minutes provides pain relief. It relaxes all the joints and muscles.

Keep the sprained part elevated so that swelling is restricted. The part should also be rested for healing.


4. To reduce the pain, massage the affected area with garlic oil or almond oil. It provides relief from the pain of joints.


5. To treat the foot sprain in particular, take one teaspoon black coffee and sprinkle it over the bandage. Apply this bandage over the affected. It provides great relief from sprain.


6. Apply a mixture of olive oil and egg yolk on the affected part and cover it with a cotton pad and keep it bandaged for two day. Repeat the process after two days. This is another useful home remedy for sprain.


7. A paste made by grinding lime leaves can be applied on the affected area to get relief from sprain


8. Take a cabbage and pull out the outer leaves from it. These leaves should be soaked in hot water after that apply them over the affected area for around ten to fifteen minutes. The remedy should be continued after a gap of few time periods continuously.


9. Make a paste with fenugreek leaves and lemon juice and apply it on the sprained area as it is a good home remedy for treating sprains.


10. Another effective home remedy for sprain is to heat powdered jaggery in ghee and apply on the sprained area when it is warm.





11. Another home remedy for sprain is to make a paste with raw lime powder and honey and apply it on the sprained part.


12. Take a tub of warm water and put some drops of lavender oil in it. The affected area should be soaked in it to get relief from the pain and swelling.


13. Take some onions and a piece of muslin cloth. Chop the onion into small pieces and wrap them inside the muslin cloth. Apply it over the area of pain.


14. Include pineapple as part of diet as it contains an enzyme named Bromelain which has healing properties that help in quick relief from sprain.


15. A mixture of camphor oil and sunflower oil can be used to massage the affected part.


16. Mix white wine with vinegar and bran and apply it to the sprain. Soak a towel in hot vinegar and use it as a compress for reducing the pain.

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