Home Remedies To Prevent Acidity Or Acid Reflux

Acidity problem is becoming more common these days as many people are consuming foods that are either too spicy or has a lot of fat content. It is also common to see students and youngsters missing their meals or eating too much in a meal to compensate for not eating a previous meal. Such poor meal habits can trigger acidity problem which can be rectified only if the lifestyle of the person is changed. While some people will experience the symptoms of acidity after only a few abnormal changes in their dietary habits, some will experience symptoms much later after an ulcer condition manifests itself.  


Preventing a medical condition is much better than curing it. It is better to avoid regular consumption of fried, fermented, stale and spicy food items. Meal timings must be adhered to and some items like milk and tender coconut must be consumed whenever possible or at least during summer. These foods have a soothing effect on the stomach. It is also a good habit to eat vegetables and fruits often as they are not acidic in nature.


It is also important to eat with a peaceful emotional state. For this, it is good to relax and feel free of stress before consuming food. This is quite important as stress related acidity problems are on the rise, given a highly stressful modern life. It is also better not to lie on a bed after any meal as the stomach acid will move into the food pipe and cause acidity symptoms.


The stomach of a human has a mechanism for preventing harm caused by the stomach acid.  When there is an abnormal emotional or physical condition of the body, it can manifest itself in the form of excess acid secretion. During such a condition, the normal mechanism for neutralizing acid fails and acidity related symptoms manifest it.



Understanding the mechanism of stomach acid production and the causes of acidity problem is quite important. Inspite of due care, sometimes it is not possible to prevent acidity problem. In such cases, it is better to know some common herbal remedies for curing the problem. If you or your family member tends to suffer from acidity problem from time to time, it is better to purchase common herbs and store them in your house. Some of the herbal remedies that have been proven to be effective for curing acidity problem are:


1.   A tablespoon each of haritaki and amla. You can consume the amla after powdering it.

2.   keep eating jaggery after every hour for good relief

3.   Cardamom is also known for soothing the membrane of the stomach

4.   Cinnamon and clove can overcome indigestion caused by hyper acidity

5.   You should dry the Coriander first for treating acidity related symptoms

6.   Consume Cheublic Myroblan juice for relieving the symptoms.


You can include some of the above mentioned items in the diet for preventing and overcoming acidity problems. You should resist your desire to consume too many sweets.

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