Home Remedy for Treatment of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is characterized by shivering fever and severe cold. Pneumonia is a contagious disease which spreads commonly when we come in contact with an infected person. Many times, one gets infected by breathing the air filled with tiny droplet released from cough or sneeze of an infected person. These virus or bacteria enters the body through mouth, throat or nose, inadvertently enter the lung and causes pneumonia. Even a healthy person's nose and throat often contain bacteria or viruses that cause pneumonia. Its consequences can be very dangerous in people with weak immune systems, especially the ones having a very young or very old age.


Home remedies are effective and inexpensive and they provide relief without side effects. The other advantage is that the ingredients are available at home and are simple and easy to prepare.


Causes of Pneumonia


The most common cause being infection, pneumonia can also occur due to irregular habits and unhygienic lifestyle.


1. Infection from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and vermin


2. Lung diseases



3. Heart disease


4. Swallowing problems 


5. Alcohol and drugs 


6. Unhygienic lifestyle


Pneumonia symptoms


1. Cold in the head or throat


2. Shivering fever


3. Chest pain on the side of the infected lung.



4. Abdominal pain for the people affected with pneumonia in the lower lobes of the lung


5. Dry cough at the onset which eventually produces phlegm (sputum)


6. Nausea and vomiting


7. Muscle aches


8. Rapid breathing and increased heartbeat


9. Shortness of breath


Home Remedy for Pneumonia


1. Fenugreek is a good home remedy for pneumonia. In the early stages of pneumonia, it is recommended to drink tea made with fenugreek seeds. Drink four cups of this tea a day regularly. No other nourishment or food should be taken as fasting and fenugreek correct the disorders fast. Reduce the quantity of intake when there is improvement in the condition. 


2. Garlic is a very strong remedy in curing pneumonia. It can be added to the food served to the patient. One can also make a paste of garlic and apply over the patient’s chest. Garlic helps to control the fever by normalising the body temperature. It also helps to tone down the respiration and pulse.


3. Immerse 15 gram of sesame seeds in 250 ml of water and mix 1 table spoon each of honey and linseed. Now add a pinch of table salt and consume daily for 10 days. This is very effective in treating pneumonia.




4. Raw vegetable and fruit diet for 5 to 10 days in the beginning of treatment is highly effective as home remedy for pneumonia. Mix 300 ml of carrot juice with either 200 ml of spinach juice or 100 ml each of beet and cucumber juice and take it daily for 7 days. After this the diet should be only fresh juice and no other food for another 3 to 4 days. It helps to increase the resistance power of the body immune system against pneumonia.


5. Massage the patient by rubbing some turpentine oil over the patient's rib cage. After this, cover the area with a warm cloth. This helps to relive pain and works well against pneumonia.


6. Basil is a common home remedy for pneumonia. Mix juice of holy basil leaves with black pepper and consume this after every 6 hours for one week.


7. Increasing the intake of foods rich in Vitamin C is another good home remedy for pneumonia.  Broccoli, sprouts, sweet potatoes, Brussels and citrus fruits all have high Vitamin C content.  This way you can prevent recurrence of pneumonia.


8. Zinc is another very good home remedy for pneumonia. A daily intake of at least 15 milligrams of zinc is advised, otherwise people develop deficiencies. Foods rich in Zinc are eggs, meat, dairy products, poultry, and oysters.


Other Recommendations


1. Take brisk walks daily for at least half an hour per day. Daily walks can help you to recover from pneumonia quickly.


2. Yoga is also beneficial to help the body heal fast and regain immunity.

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