How Did Adnan Sami Loose Weight

The British born singer musician, Adnan Sami lost almost 130 kilos in a span of 11 months. He proudly says, “If I can do it, anyone can”. This Canadian citizen, presently living in Bombay. India is a much sought after playback singer who also holds the record for the fastest keyboard player in the world. 


What Triggered Adnan Sami to lose Weight


Four years ago, he had been told by doctors that he would not live for more than six months if he continued weighing 440pounds. It was very difficult for him to even walk five steps without taking rest, he required extra belt extensions in plane and while travelling he used specially designed wheel chair. 


Adnan Sami Before His weight lossAdnan Sami After Weight LossAt 206 kilos, it was nearly an impossible task for Adnan Sami to lie down without the aid of pillows. He required an external help to get out of his bed. He found it difficult to do daily routine activities like leg stretching and standing straight on his feet.


The situation went worse in 2005 when he developed lymphedema in his knees and for this he had to undergo a surgery that layed him bedridden for three months. Due to his huge weight whenever he lied down, the extra fat pushed against his lungs thereby causing sleep apnoea. Not only this, he needed two measuring tapes to get his clothes stitched. He wore 6X sized clothes and he always placed the order in bulk.


The turning point came when his doctors told him that with this much weight he could not survive for more than six months. Internally also he felt that his body was unable to bear his weight and may give up any day. Upon being forced by his father, he decided to quit work for six months and thus he moved to Houston where he dedicated his six months in dieting and work outs and strictly said “NO” to his consignments. On June 6, 2006, he ate a huge cheese cake, a potter house steak with lots of butter and mashed potatoes. From then on he went on a diet and regular exercise and work outs.


Adnan Sami’s Exercise Routine to lose weight


Initially, it was tough for him to exercise. So he opted for a well made diet plan and with the help of this only he lost 40 kilos of weight. This was a morale booster for him and then he thought about exercising. To start with, he opted for a treadmill and did moderate amount of walking.


Getting excited to see the results, Adnan Sami said, “I started noticing small changes like I could lie down, sleep longer, my sleep apnoea was beginning to disappear slowly, I could stand longer. It was very gradual. Then, as I moved forward, things began to get better and better.”


Adnan Sami chose Prashant Sawant a trainer in Mumbai to help him work out. According to Prashant, Adnan felt exhausted after walks, but was regular with the workouts. Whenever in town he trained diligently for an hour doing weights and a mixture of weights and cardio exercises.  


Diet plan for Adnan Sami to lose Weight


Adnan Sami After rigorous weight lossHis nutritionist in Houston realized that Adnan Sami was a hard core emotional eater. He linked food to his emotions. Be it happiness or any sad moment, he always ate. This led to his extreme weight gain.


He was strictly abstained from rice, breads (including roti – an Indian flat bread), sugar and oils. The meals that helped Adnan Sami to lose weight included vegetable salads, boiled dal, tandoori fish (tandoor is a traditional Indian clay oven used to bake or cook) and that too without oil, sugar free drinks. He was also kept away from drinking alcohol.


Speaking regarding his breakfast, lunch and dinner, he started his day with sugarless tea and for lunch just ate salads with one table spoon of fat free toppings. In dinner, he only ate boiled dal.


Rate of weight loss in Adnan Sami


According to Adnan Sami, “Losing weight is like running a marathon, where running the last lapse is the toughest. You know you are close to victory but you're nearing exhaustion and need to put in that last-ditch effort, no matter what”. He lost weight at a rate of 23.4 pounds per month. This is too high and a risky figure but appreciated as Adnan Sami weight more than 2 tones.


Adnan Sami Weight Loss Tips


Health first: Do not wait for the doctor to tell you that you are obese. Plan for a good change in lifestyle right now.


Know the root cause: Identify the root cause of obesity. For Adnan it was love of food. Once he made healthy changes in his diet, he was on a successful weight lose route.


Lifestyle changes: Healthy changes in eating and exercise habits are more effective in losing weight than following fad diets for a limited period, after which you may gain back the lost weight.


Choose wisely: Avoid bread, rice, sugar and oils. Have lots and lots of salad and boiled dal.


Focus on the results: losing weight is not an overnight work. It requires patience, hard work and determination. At the end of your weight loss course, you won’t only look good but will also feel good.

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Wonderful information. very useful. Thanks
by tanvim     19-Feb-2012
i must hat off with adnan!nothing is impossible once i couldnt wake 5 mins i weighted almost 102 kgs i begin a weight loss program n in 5 months i lose 25 kgs looking sexy young and lively give me another chance to live my life now when i walk or go to a party peoples look at me because im hot and sexy 1 i would encourage people who want to get into diet please go ahead u will lose weight surely but u will gain many things more
by taru     19-Feb-2012
Adnan sami is rechest persone he haired persnole trainer and also advaisers to help them but i am very poor persone can i do without these which adnan have
by Syed Usman     19-Feb-2012
that is great i am 29 and my weight is 75 but is too much i dont know what i should to do??????????? he is very strong
by farida     19-Feb-2012
mai bee aap ki tarha slim hona chate hu mai abhi 70 kg ke hu samaj nahi aa raaha hai k kaise wait kam karu mai dubi mai rehte hu bt time nahi milta weight reduce karney k liye
by sania khan     19-Feb-2012
i want to talk to adnan sami my weight is 120 kg i m 41 year old all type of diseases i have i dont have any hope but i want to live for my daughters already its too late i want to talk to sir
by neeta ramnani     19-Feb-2012
by leezabasu     19-Feb-2012
How to loss my weight pls
by Atul     19-Feb-2012
hi adnan m 25 yrs old , n my weight 110 kg. i want to loose weight very fast. plz adnan help me n gve me ur personal trainner no.plz gve me sme contact who helped u for loose weight ..
by priyanka gupta     19-Feb-2012
i want reduce my sonsing weight please help me because my sons weight is 92kg now he is reading class vth
by prakash ch das     19-Feb-2012
i want reduce my sons weight please help me because my sons weight is 92kg now he is reading clas5th
by prakash ch das     19-Feb-2012
i want reduce 8 inch from my stomach
by abhishek raj     19-Feb-2012
very great
by muhammad arif     19-Feb-2012
plz, effective in losing weight nd mehdicen
by atif     19-Feb-2012
very good information for who want to loss weight
by pavan     25-Feb-2012
Hi my name is Maria and weighs 54 kg and I want to lose 11 kg please help me!!!!!
by maria     28-Feb-2012
hello my name is weight is 66kg and height is 5'2" ..plz help me to come to normal weight of my height.....plz
by ashu     02-Mar-2012
hats off yar!!!no words....
by harsha     05-Mar-2012
Adnan sir u r very brave... U did great job by loosing ua weight. I olso want to loose my weight. Plz hlp me out.
by Beeni     10-Mar-2012
Adnan sir please help me reduce my weight 1 was 73 before marraige after 2 cs i have put on another 30kg. i dont feel filled even after eating, so i go on eating when i am at home. please help me reduce weight. Exerise is very difficul for me.
by binitha     11-Mar-2012
sami sir is really a fantastic of his type,he was my inspiration alwayz...that also to in weight loss;i too was obese and flabby a year ago and was 120kgs; now i had lost 48kgs in that span.....thanx a lot sir for inspiring me.... Hats off ;)
by nimesh tiwari     23-Mar-2012
How about when it's cold,does he still eat salad?and for supper only lentils or any pulses can eat to lose weight?
by Sadhna     17-Apr-2012
wonderful diet wish to follow it... plse mr adnan can u write to my email.....
by JASBIR SINGH     04-May-2012
pls help me as i weigh 140kgs n am 45yrs old.i have hypothoried as well.need to lose weight would be really greatfull of you to guide family r asking me to do stomach stapling which am scared of.
by zaineb     26-May-2012
it's very effective information.Thanx adnan sir.
by gungun     17-Jun-2012
my weight is 98 kg i want to reduce 50 kg please give me a tips to reduce my weight .plsssssssssssss .you r my roll model so please give me a tips.
by jasmine     22-Jul-2012
Hello JASMINE, There are no shortcuts for weight loss. According to Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) and NIH (National Institute of Health), weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week is considered as health. So, dont go for any crash diets...Concentrated on workouts. Make sure not to involved fats and carbohydrates in excess....In addiction you can practice yoga specially surya namaskar, which is considered as best for weight know more visit the link...
by admin     22-Jul-2012
my weight is 80 kg i want to reduce 35 kg please give me a tips to reduce my weight r my roll model so please give me a tips.
by daljit kaur     24-Dec-2012

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