How Healthy Are Protein Bars For Children

In today’s busy life schedule, parents find it difficult to keep an eye on the eating habits of their children. So, they prefer to opt for portable diet options like protein bars, candies etc. Though protein bars are simple and fast way to supply proteins but they shouldn’t replace natural proteins products like egg, fishes, chicken, soya and cheese etc. But protein candies are far better option as compared to pizzas and burgers.


“Warning: Child shouldn’t make it a habit of eating protein bars as apart from proteins they are loaded with harmful constituents like caffeine, excess of sugars and fats that are detrimental for their growing body.”

Proteins-An Introduction


Foundation of Our Body: Proteins are the foundation of our body as our hair, nails and the bones and cartilages are made of proteins.


Repairing Network: Proteins form the repairing tissue of our body. Our whole body consists of proteins starting from hormones to various enzymes. Protein is considered under the category of macronutrient as it is widely present in the human body.


Protein is not stored anywhere in the body thus we need to take continuous supplements of it in our body. Also protein should be taken in appropriate quantity and it is not so that if you take extra protein then you will get more strength.


For boy teenager’s everyday seven ounces and for teenage girls six ounces is recommended daily and try to give it through natural sources.


Negative Effects of Protein Bars


Protein Bars and Vital Nutrients: As our body requires all the nutrients in a balanced manner so keeping your child completely dependent upon the protein bars can lead him/her to various negative effects due to under-nutrition.


Natural Protein Sources: If your child is actively participating in sports related activities and needs extra proteins then opt for natural products like meat, cheese, eggs and nuts.



Protein Bars “In Excess” Are Not Safe: Though protein bars are high in proteins but they contain harmful ingredients like caffeine that can lead to insomnia and make children restless and jittery. It also contains FDA unapproved supplements like Ginseng whose safety and efficacy is yet not tested.


Slows the Digestive System: Protein Bars are high in fats that upset the digestive system and lead to extra fat deposition in the body.


Diarrhea: Sometimes you might feel that low sugar protein bars are not that much dangerous but to make the protein bars sugar free, sugar alcohol is added. Though they are low in calories but have a laxative effect in children thereby leading to diarrhea.



Kidney Problems: High intake of protein bars can lead to kidney problems in children as the daily recommended dosage for protein among children in 0.8 grams per kg of body weight.


Lactose Intolerance: Due to high composition of lactose, protein bars can be dangerous for the children having lactose intolerance and thus may lead to GIT problems.

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Im on my 2nd week of my workout now and i just bhogut a protein shake wich will arrive some days from now it says it contains 34g of protein,17g of carb n 3.2g of fat per scoop so im 17 now and it says i shuld take the shake 1 hour before workout and after workout but wat i dont get is am i suposed to take it everyday or just the days im working out can u advise me on the best way to take them?
by Richard     28-May-2012

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