How long does Botox Last

Botox treatment is a very popular cosmetic treatment, but it is not a permanent treatment. People need to get this treatment at regular time interval depending on the area of treatment and the intensity of the Botox injection. Basically it will depend on the time for which the Botox will last.


The Botox shows its full effect within three to seven days after it has been injected in the muscles. However, the effect diminishes with time and one has to take another round of Botox to make the desired correction or treat the affected area.


Here, the question that arises is: How long does Botox last? Most commonly the effect of the Botox injection lasts for about four to six months. This is because during this time the muscle action (that was reduced through the Botox injection) regains its power and gradually returns to its normal position. In such case the wrinkles and lines that were hiding because of the Botox effect they start reappearing. Basically it is he symbol that you need to start the treatment again. This time is to be decided by the doctors. However, sometimes due to various factors these wrinkles and line may reappear fast and the face starts looking same old. In such cases the Botox in given as and when the signs of aging are seen.



The main reason for the shortness of this period is that Botox is a derived form of a purified toxin that has temporary effect.


There are various factors that play their role in determination of lasting effect of Botox. To name some:


1.   Health condition, age, body type and weight of the person are the initial factor that can affect the time of the effect of Botox.


2.   Treatment location and type of treatment are also responsible in determining the lasting effect of the Botox.


3.   Botox effect wears off fast in case deep and strong wrinkles are treated. Basically the more severe is the wrinkle conditions faster will be the wearing off effect of the Botox.


4.   Another factor is the mixing and storage of the Botox before the treatment. This has an effect on how long will the effects of Botox last.


5.   Way of injection is also a determining factor when it comes to see the lasting effect of Botox. This is the reason it is always advised to go for a doctor that is experienced and well reputed.


6.   Botox effect does not last in one go. In fact, it is a gradual process and slowly takes its route back. Basically one can say that Botox effect reduces slowly to give nature its way.


7.   Effect of Botox is different in case of the long-term treatment. When a person gets Botox injection on a regular basis, the effect will last for long period of time. However, it is not very good for health as repeated injection will weaken the muscle and it will become thin.


Some people say that increasing the dose of the Botox injection will increases the lasting effect of Botox. However, they need to remember that Botox is basically derived from a kind of poison so it can have side-effects in case of high dose. The best way to deal with this issue is to consult your doctor and get ready for the treatment accordingly.

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