How Safe is Abortion Pill

An abortion pill is an alternative to clinical abortion, taken to terminate an early pregnancy. It is generally considered safe and is available in any Planned Parenthood Center (PPC). The cost of the pill varies fro $350 to $650. 

How it works

The woman takes RU486 at the PPC
After 48 hours she will have to take a medication called Misoprostal Cytotec that will contract the uterine walls to help abort by expelling pregnancy tissue
After seven days Misoprostal has to be taken once more for the same purpose of contracting the uterine walls and expelling the tissue
It is seen that when RU486 is administered singly there is 65% success of aborting. Supplementing it with Misoprostal (that causes painful contractions) is seen to have 95% success in aborting the embryo. 
There is a lot of divided opinion about the safety of the pill. Is it really safe?  The effect of the abortion pill lasts for almost two weeks. 

Symptoms after taking the abortion pill

  • Pregnancy is not completely removed
  • Possibility of complications arising due to ectopic pregnancy
  • Bleeding
  • Possibility of allergic reaction to both or either one of the pills
  • Infection 
  • There are also rare instances of more severe symptoms due to abortion pill. However, by being aware of these symptoms you can approach the health care provider as soon as you detect them. They are
  • Unabated pain in the abdominal area for which home treatments are ineffective
  • Unabated vomiting for more than three to four hours accompanied by inability to digest food
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor
  • High fever (more than 103 degrees F) lasting for a few hours
  • Heavy clotting for more than 120 minutes 
Combined symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and weakness, after taking Misoprostol, need immediate medical attention as they may be serious complications.

When the pill is not safe

The pill is not safe if you
  • Have kidney, liver or heart ailments
  • Are taking medicines that react adversely to the abortion pill
  • Are more than seven weeks pregnant
  • Are suffering from hypertension/high blood pressure
  • Are a heavy smoker
  • Find it difficult to come back for follow up care and treatment to health center
  • Have problems reaching the telephone or transportation and do not have access to medical assistance in an emergency 
Two significant factors in favor of the abortion pill is that (1) the side effects and complications arising due to it can be treated successfully and (2) the risk of fatality is much lower (one in 62000 in the year 2006) compared to deaths that occur during full term of pregnancy or at childbirth. .
RU483 is recommended by most Planned Parenthood Centers if the woman meets certain criteria to be considered medically fit to take the pill. People with heart, kidney and liver ailments and those who smoke heavily are advised not to take the pill. Complications arising due to adverse effects of the pill range from mild to severe. Most of them can be successfully treated. The fatality rate for the abortion pill is as low as one in 62000 as per a study conducted in 2006. 

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