How to Apply Blush

Blusher is available in a variety of shades and colors to suit various skin tones. Choose the right shade of blusher according to your skin.

A beautiful woman, as per Indian mores of beauty, has always been equated with golden skin, dark hair and eyes, a warm smile and a hint of a blush.

Modern makeup too, is incomplete without application of colour on the cheeks. Blusher is available in a variety of shades and colours to suit various skin tones. It is available in cream, powder and gel form, often with special applicators and sponges.


Tips to Choose the Right Shade of Blusher


The idea is to give as natural a look to the face as possible. To achieve this, we need to select the right shade of blusher. Baby pink and apricot toned shades of blushers suit very fair skin. Medium complexioned persons should select blushers in light pinks with hints of brow. Plum and coral shades suit those with dusky complexions.

Powder based blushers are easy to apply on oily skin. Persons with dry skin prefer liquid blushers. The gel based blushers suit all types of complexions being light on the skin and easy to apply.


Tips to Apply Blush Properly


1. Apply blusher after completing application of foundation, lipstick and eye shadow.


2. On a round face, apply blusher from the apples of the cheeks towards the upper tips of the ears. Use blusher to shade the jaw area from the lower tips of the ears to the chin.


3. Apply blush in a downward and upward stroke in the form of a tick mark from the apples of the cheeks to the hairline near the eyes.


4. Application of blush in a wedge shape on the cheeks broadens a long face and gives it a rounded look.


5. Blusher on a square face is applied on the cheeks parallel to the temples. The side of the chin up to the earlobe softens the strong jaw line.


6. Blush should be applied with a fluffy brush or with a clean make up sponge to give an even appearance.


7. After applying your usual foundation and powder, look into your mirror and find out where the apples of your cheeks are. Then take a small quantity of blusher with your blush brush and brush it with soft strokes on the cheeks. Use short up and down strokes vertically. Use a deeper shade for the hollow spot on your cheeks to give it a contour taking care to use minimal color.  


8. Final step is to give a single horizontal stroke of blusher to blend in the blusher with your face makeup. Remove the exces by blotting with a tissue. Cover it with powder lightly.

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