How to Apply Lip Liners

Make up is not complete without giving a perfect shape and color to your lips. Every Makeup kit should include a lip liner as it is essential to make your lips look attractive.


The lip liner is used to give your lips a neatly defined edge.  Lip liner is use before applying lipstick as it works as a guideline for applying lipstick. The lip liner prevents the color from moving out of the lip line. You should buy a lip liner of the same shade of the lipstick you use. The lip liner pencil must be very sharp to draw the lines as thin as possible. For easy sharpening, you can keep the lip liner pencil in the refrigerator so sometime before applying.


Tips for Applying Lip Liner


1. Clean your lips to remove any traces of lip gloss or balm you might have applied earlier.


2. Make the tip of the lip liner really sharp. If it is too pointed, just rub it on a tissue till you get the right shape of the lip liner’s point.


3. Draw the outline of your lip liner to form the desired shape of your lips. The line should be thin and close to the natural lip line.


4. Start from the centre of the upper lip and draw towards the corner of the lip. Do the same with the lower lip. 


5. Connect the lines together to form a smooth outline of the lip.



6. To make thin lips appear fuller, you can use light shade for the lip liner pencil. The line should be drawn slightly beyond the natural lip line.


7. Apply lipstick covering the area within the outlines.


8. To make lips appear fuller, you can blend the edges using a sponge applicator. Applying gloss or petroleum jelly completes the process.


9. For lips that are too thin and are not shaped well, you can draw a second line with the lip liner in the color of the lipstick in the center area and line it with a brown pencil. Your lips will look fuller this way.


10. Apply lipstick vertically to hide the lip lines. Make sure the lip lines are not visible after applying lipstick.


11. For making your lips appear smaller, apply the foundation over the edges of your lips and draw the lip shape with a liner just inside your lip line. Apply lipstick over this.


12. Always choose a lip liner that is either neutral or that which matches the color of your lipstick. Make sure to choose liner colors that can go well with the lipstick color.


13. Avoid lip liner color that is darker than the lipstick color. The lipstick begins to fade as time passes, and the liner stays intact exposing the odd line around your lips.

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