How To Avoid Overeating

Several individuals take in large amount of food because they have lost touch with their bodies. Slimming is not a difficult task especially when one reconnects his or her mind and the body as well. Overeating is an easy task and when one decides not to do it, then he or she can count him or herself the lucky one. According to the health researchers, extra calories a day contributes to weight gain very quickly therefore it is best to shave the excess calories in order to loose weight. This can be done by becoming aware of how and what we eat.  

For one to know whether he is taking the recommended diet, he should keep a food diary for every week in order to note the situations where he eats too much. This will give you a room to follow the professional’s tips on how to loose weight. There are several situations in life that makes us to overeat such as when one is stressed. Stress can make you overeat too much because when one is stressed he want to keep himself from feeling bad and food is one of the easiest methods that can distract an individual from uncomfortable feelings.
One of the best tips to follow in order to stop overeating is by taking a walk which will help your body in producing endorphins which will in turn counter the feelings of stress. When you feel so stressed, you should let yourself to sit silent and take the meals slowly no matter how long it can take you to finish your food. It is always advisable to sit down and take some extra time for you to feel relieved and calmer. This is another best way to help you stop overeating. You should also need to avoid future stress binges by knowing how to distinguish stress and hunger. This can be done when one is hungry. You should be able to notice any sensations in the stomach, mouth or throat by pausing so as to check for the sensations.
Once one has noted how to differentiate between stress and hunger, he should concentrate on the ways which can help him to deal with stress more effectively. It is important to know the source of stress and take actions to reduce it by all means. For example, if one is ever late for classes or work, he or she should focus on time management techniques in order to maintain punctuality. Another way that one can focus on in order to stop overeating is through exercise. Putting into practice regular relaxation techniques can greatly reduce the stress level. This should be done by relaxing each and every part of the body one after the other.
Socializing too much can also lead to overeating. The reason why socializing makes one to consume a lot of food is because while out with friends, what we always think of is having a meal at the restaurants and hotel which tend to have more delicious food and in turn makes it hard for one to limit to the recommended portions. At this point, one will be able to consume everything that he has been served without realizing when he or she is full since he is busy chatting with friends. Taking alcohol before talking a meal is another reason that can lead one to overeating. Alcohol is a great appetite stimulant and can also make one feel less inhibited therefore one is likely to take in a lot of food without noticing.
For you to stop overeating, it is advisable that you anticipate the possible pitfalls of eating while you are out and try to avoid them. This can be done by eating something before leaving to avoid you from feeling famished. Another way that can help you from overeating is by calling before going to any restaurant and ask for the menu so that you can go through it and select sensible meals and stick to them while at the restaurant. If you would like to take alcohol, have it with your meal not before taking the meals. If you have to take a drink before the meals, then you should go for the club soda or a glass of water.

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