How To Benefit From Honey

The benefits that can be derived from honey are countless. It finds use in the treatment of variety of diseases too. It is an instant source of energy.


Health Benefits Honey


 It is rich in carbohydrates that can get easily absorbed in the body to provide instant energy. It can reduce the muscle fatigue. It also supplements in the building of the immunity system. Honey profoundly contains many vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health of a person. The best property of honey is its antibiotic property. Research has shown it is more effective when diluted. 


How Honey Benefits Skin



Honey is also soft and nourishing for the skin. It helps in the reduction of wrinkles in the skin by rejuvenating the skin. It is also a good moisturizer. 

Honey for Digestion


It also works on the human digesting system by creating a laxative effect which in turn reduces the possibility of pimples and other problems associated with the digestive systems like constipation. 
Honey is also useful in treating the wounds and grazes. It works very effectively in treating burns, ulcers and infected surgical wounds

Effective Properties of Honey


Honey is highly viscous in nature. This physical property enables it to absorb the moisture in the skin tissues. A study in West Africa indicated that surgical debridement, amputation and skin grafting were avoided when treated with honey. It is also clear that 40 percent honey fights the gut bacterial diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. Honey is very good for stomach aches.  The best remedy for such a problem would be to consume one teaspoon of honey with half a spoon of lemon juice in a hot glass of water. 

Honey For Allergies 



Honey is a very good medicine for allergies. It works very effectively against 90 percent of the allergies. Honey defies the common perception that sweet ingredients are harmful to the teeth.

Honey and Dental Health


Honey helps to maintain and protect the teeth. The anti-bacterial effect of honey has been proven against many dental plaque bacteria. Honey helps to reduce the acid production, thus reducing the potential for any dental caries.  This implies that it does not allow the growth and sustenance of any bacterial activity in the teeth.  
Another instance for proving the anti-bacterial effect of honey is its ability to fight against common cold and coughs. It is very effective in fighting sore throat and coughs.  Honey helps to coat the throat and reduces the throat irritation.  Mixing two ounces of honey, two ounces of glycerin and extract of two lemons is a good remedy against the cough. For choked noses, one can inhale the vapor of this mixture by dissolving it in hot water. For sore throats, retaining the mixture in the throat and then gulping it will ease the inflamed tissues in the throat.
It is known that brain is the primary consumer of glucose. Honey when mixed with water rapidly diffuses in the blood to supplement the brain with instant energy. It is also realized that honey plays a crucial role in the formation of blood.  Additionally, it also helps in cleaning the blood. It also regulates the blood circulation and protects against any capillary problems.
However, honey is no substitute for a medicine prescribed by your doctor.

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