How To Choose The Right Hair Color Dye

When choosing the right hair color, first of all, you need to look at the color of your eyes. This is the great tip that one has to consider putting in mind that when the eye color is green one does not have to go for the color green; there are other underlying colors that one can use from any natural eye color. If one has dark eyes, it doesn’t mean that you have to go for those dark colors because dark colors makes one to look older than the actual age and dark colors brings out wrinkles more than it is expected.

Apart from eye colour, there are other alternative ways to look out for if one is health conscious, like henna which provides a wonderful lively way the natural hair color. But when you have already dyed your hair with a chemical dye, henna will not be the best alternative until the chemical dye grows out. Generally the darker the dye the more lead it contains so its better for one to go for the light color dyes if one has to use the chemical dye or for the ones who are health conscious.
Choose the hair color considering the kind of events you are planning to attend, For example, you cannot go for a wedding to be the best maid with a weird hair color dye like lilac, or go for an interview with a lilac hair dye.  For one to choose the right dye for her hair he has to consider if it will be a permanent dye or not, or the vegetable dyes like henna. If one wants to blonde her hair, it is best to seek for the advice from the stylist or the expert especially if it is permanently tinted.
If one wants a sexy hair color, he or she should go for the red one or orange one that draws attention of many people. Generally the black dye is the easiest to apply as it covers all hair types and colours and looks good with the rest of the face and the skin. Black is also known to look good on dark skinned people as well.
It is good to know the color of one’s hair before using any dye, as the natural looks highlights greatly enhance one’s skin and make him or her look the great. One can also involve a stylist or the expert who is capable of advising on the perfect color one can use the suitable techniques in order and make you look lovely. The best way to use when you want to change your appearance is by changing the colour of your hair. Generally choosing the correct colour has never been so easy especially when it comes to the colour selection. This is so because many people find it hard to select the colours that match their skin.
Before selecting any colour, one has to consider some factors. The first step is to take your time and observe your natural hair colour, the skin tone and dye colour. For you to be sure that you are making a great step forward, you need to use a mirror to see the kind and colour of your skin tone. This will help you in selecting the right dye. For example when you have olive skin, the darker hair colours will suit you and if your skin tone is pinkish, you should not go for the red or golden blonde dyes but use the ash tones because they will neutralize your tone greatly. Individuals with yellow skin should not go for orange or yellow colours but should use deep red tones. You should also consider the clothing colours that suit you most before selecting a dye colour to apply on your hair. For the ones who look good in green, orange, or golden yellow, the best dye colour tone to go for should be warm such as the golden blonde, strawberry blonde or golden brown. For the individuals who look good is pine green, black or bluish clothes, the best dye colour should be cool such ash blonde, platinum, or jet black among others. If you look good in red or pink, you should go for the neutral tones such as beige blonde, sandy blonde or chocolate brown.
Note that when you are dyeing your hair for the first time, you need to involve a professional and keep the colorings to a limit because the hair can be damaged if you are not careful.

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