How to Choose your Makeup Primer

The purpose of primer is to make the surface ready for paintng.  Make up primer is a relatively new product on the market. It is used on a clean face to make the face ready for application of make up. Make up primer is a multi function product- it reduces the appearance of conspicuous pores, smoothens uneven skin tone, controls excessive shine and oiliness and most important of all, helps make up to last longer.

The makeup primer is an airy and lightweight formulation which is oil-free. This gel cream reduces redness and skin inflammation and facilitates hydration. It should be applied under foundation to get healthy skin.


How Does Make up Primer Work?


The principal ingredient in primer is silicone. Primers are oil and alcohol free and do not cause excessive oiliness or dryness when applied on the skin. Most Primers have a very high mineral content which makes it very light and easy on the skin. Vitamin E and SPF are added to primers to give the skin moisturization and sun protection which is essential for preventing the skin from becoming dry and blemished.

The above ingredients give primers a gel like consistency which gives it great coverage with small quantities. Application of primer fills in the fine lines on skin and reduces excess shine. Any enlarged pores and skin imperfections are covered up and a smooth surface is kept ready for application of foundation.


Tips to Apply Make up Primer


1. Select a make up primer as close to the foundation color as possible.


2. Cleanse and moisturize the skin.


3. Dab a small quantity of primer on a wet sponge and apply gently over the face.


4. Primer needs some time to set, hence apply foundation only after 5-10 minutes.


5. As far as possible, select a primer with added Vitamin E and sunscreen


6. In case you are using spray on primer, spray additional quantities on the forehead and chin, as make up wears off from these areas quickly.


7. Makeup primer can be used by men instead of aftershave to condition the skin.


Benefits of Make up Primer


1. Primer evens out the skin tone and gives a luminous look to the face


2. The built in moisturizer in primer hydrates and pampers the skin


3. Make up primer provides a base for foundation and enables make up stick and last long.


4. Primer reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


5. Primers are mineral based and do not clog the pores of the skin. The skin breathes easily.


6. The mineral content in primer reduces inflammation of skin reducing the chances of aging and blemishes.


7. Primer controls excessive oiliness of skin thus preventing can, black spots and other skin problems.


8. The sunscreen factors built into primers protect the skin from harmful UV rays which cause severe damage to the skin.

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