How To Do Away With Tired Eyes

'Tired eyes' is one of the problems frequently occurring in the present-day world. It affects those who cannot sleep well at times, happens to the best of us. The best way, of course, on how to get away with tired eyes is to get a good night’s sleep. But if that’s not really possible then there are some way which you can solve the tired-eyes problem. But before coming to the treatment let’s discuss the causes leading to tired eyes.


Causes of Tired Eyes



Treatment of Tired Eyes


Cold Compresses:

  1. One of the simplest home remedies for tired eyes would be to place two spoons in the freezer. Take them out when they are cold and place them under the eyes to reduce puffiness. Please make sure that the spoons are not frozen.

  2. Dip cotton balls into tea water, then place them on your eyelids and leave them there for some time.

  3. Place some cold, fresh cucumber slices on the eyes for a few minutes to revitalize them.

  4. Soak a cotton ball in a bowl, containing water, and a few drops of perfume. Keep the soaked cotton on your eyelids, for a few minutes.

  5. Pour ice cold milk into a shallow bowl, and toss in a couple of large cotton balls. Find a place to lie down, place a towel beneath your head and with eyes tightly closed, place milk-soaked cotton balls over your eyes. After ten or fifteen minutes, wash, dry, and moisturize your face as usual.


Strawberries for tired eyes: It is a surprising fact, that straw berries can be used to rejuvenate your eyes, the next time you remove two cool strawberries from the freezer make sure to place them on your eyes, if you have tired eyes.


Drink Enough Water: Another major factor may be that you are not drinking enough water; it may be a good idea to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is good for your body as well as your eyes, since blood reaches all parts of your eyes as per requirement.



Boric Acid Eye Wash: Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.


Lavender Oil for Tired Eyes: It also might be a good idea, to dip cotton balls in lavender oil and then placing them on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes.


Palm Exercise for Tired Eyes: Cup your palms over your eyes and make sure no light passes through, be careful not apply too much pressure. Now open your eyes and stare into the hollow darkness of your palms. Keep blinking as usual and move your palms away after 1 minute or so. Repeat after an interval.



Read in a Well Lit Room: If you are someone who likes to read extensively, make sure to read in a well-lit room. During the day, try reading in natural light; sit by a window or in the open. If using artificial light, make sure the light is facing the book and not your face. The glare causes a bad effect on your eyes.


Take Breaks at Regular Intervals: Whether reading from a book or from a computer screen, you should always take a break every few minutes and look away into the distance. This is good exercise for the eyes.


Avoid Excessive Eye Drops: Avoid using eye drops very often. When in office or when you are constantly on the go, eye drops seem like the easiest option, however they do have chemicals and overuse is not recommended.


Remember, eyes are your most influential organs. Keep them working on peak performance.

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Thank you SOOOO much! I create websites and look at computers ALL day! My eyes felt HORRIBLE, and I have a very strong prescription! My eyes feel 1000x better!
by Aeriena     20-Feb-2012

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