How To Do Face Reading

Face reading is a new technique which allows us to speculate, accurately at time, the personality of a person. This is generally spotted by the width and the height of the head or the neck of a person. A person who has a developed back head is said to be emotional and also socially and family orientated. This trait decreases with the narrowness. The height of the crown states the authoritarianism or the idealism of the person, the lower the crown the lesser the confidence the person has. This also relates to the dominant personality.


Passivity relates to the length of the head, the narrowness, the narrower it is, the more passive attitude or a more live-for-the-moment attitude the person has. The wider it is, the more forethought a person puts it.


Tips to do Face Reading


The Hair



Your hair indicates physical strength, physical insulation and endurance. The finer or more delicate your hair is the more slender build the person has. Thick wiry hair shows the presence of great physical endurance and the love of challenges in life.



The Forehead


Wide Forehead: A wide forehead shows practicality and high idealism. A high rounded and deep forehead shows idealism but also focuses on the belief of loyal friendship. A narrow forehead is considered an obstacle in social and family life.


Shallow forehead with a low hairline indicates parental and career trouble between 15 and 30.



Flat forehead indicates a more pragmatic nature.


Exaggerated forehead casts the person as a dreamer.


The receding forehead indicates a spontaneous nature. An Indented forehead indicates bad luck with a family life and business.


A pointed forehead indicates intelligence. 


The Eyes


Small, squinty or shifty eyes indicate an introvert and secretive nature.

Unevenly set eyes indicate that the person is capable of seeing things with a different perspective.

Eyes which slant upwards show that the person is an opportunist. Eyes which slant downwards are a little self depreciative.

People with narrowly set eyes have an independent lifestyle.

On the contrary, the wide set eyed character is far more tolerant and broadminded in perspective.

Deep set eyes show possessive, intense, yet observant nature. They form good writers and are said to be philosophical as well as romantics.

People with roving, unsteady eyes are said to be secretive about their intentions.



A deep blue color indicates that the person is very sensitive and gentle. Light blue eyes show flirtatiousness.

Deep green eyes are said to be very inventive and very difficult to understand

Grey eyes portray intelligence and wit.

Black eyes are very striking personalities and are very good natured.


The Eyebrows



The eyebrow indicate reputation, fame and temperament.

Developed eyebrows indicate dexterity with equipment.

The low set brow indicates impulsiveness as opposed to high brows.

A single thick brow indicates jealousy and possessiveness.

A straight brow shows aesthetic and sensitive temperament.



The Nose



A good sized nose indicates wealth.

A fleshy tip indicates friendliness as opposed to oversized tips which show violent personality.

An Aquiline Nose indicates independence.

An upturned nose shows a social nature.


The Mouth



In cases where the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in relationships. On the contrary, a thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.

Round and full lips show that the person is caring.

Large lips show that the person has expensive tastes.

Small lips indicate that a person is mean spirited.

Narrow lips portray an unemotional character.


The Chin


People with strong jaw line show stubbornness. When jaw lines exceed other feature, the person is said to be hasty.

The chin should be rounded or square in shape with a gentle fullness show luck and satisfaction in old age.

A protruding chin portrays strong will and independence.

Receding chins portray weak will.


The Ears


Ears which fall at the mid-section show potential for achievement in mid life.

The ears which have good, fleshy inner and outer helixes exhibit good health.


The Cheeks



Excessively shiny cheeks show a bad digestive system.

Strong cheeks impose dominance and authority. They make good leaders.

Prominent, but not fleshy, cheeks show that the person is frugal and indicate economical disposition.

Undeveloped cheeks show that the person is laidback in communication and accepts what fate brings along.

Cheeks with strong presentation but lacking at the base indicate a forceful personality.

Strong but narrow cheeks indicate a very stubborn nature.

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