How to Get Fair Glowing Skin


The glow on your skin is a reflection of your good health. For a fair glowing skin, follow a daily routine of a healthy lifestyle. This will not only encourage your body, mind and skin to be great but will also prevents damage from toxins and outside forces.


Skin care routine works in two ways: Internal and External. Internally it can be via diet and exercise or yoga and externally it can be done by the use of various herbal and natural skin care products that adds glow to your skin.


Factors That Affect the Skin Glow


1. Seasonal changes like more exposure to sun make you tanned and more exposed to cold weather takes away the moisture forming dry skin.


2. Skin care products which contain chemicals.


3. Unhealthy lifestyle, mental stress affects the internal organs that are reflected on the skin in the form of problems like acne.


4. Harsh soaps and detergents harm your skin.


5. Bathing or showering in excessively hot water can cause damage to the skin.


6. Pollution is also problematic for your skin as dust can clog pores and increases bacteria on the face which lead to acne or spots.


7. Hormonal imbalances also affect the skin.


Tips For a Fair Glowing Skin


1. Have a healthy diet which includes lot of fruits, vegetables in the form of salads and fresh juices. You can use honey instead of sugar for juices.


2. Drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water to keep your skin clean and glowing.


3. Sleep for 7-8 hours a night as your skin will rejuvenate itself by building new cells while you sleep.


4. Keep the usage of cosmetics at the minimum and make sure you remove them before going to bed.



5. Exfoliate once a week.


6. Exercise every day or at least 3 times a week as it will help you maintain your glowing skin by stimulating the blood flow.


7. Use proper sunscreen if you have to stay out in sun for long hours as too much exposure to sun causes skin to become dark, tanned and wrinkled.


8. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine as it reduces moisture from skin and wrinkles appear faster which make you look older sooner.


9. Make sure you take some time to relax yourself as stress worsens your skin problems. Practice yoga, dhyana or meditation that makes you more calm and peaceful.


10. Avoid eating over processed and refined junk foods as they increase the free radicals in your body that are very bad for skin health.


Home Remedy for Fair Glowing Skin


1. Apply a paste of gram flour (besan), 2 teaspoon milk and 3-4 drops of lime juice on face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. Repeat this every 2 weeks.


2. Mix raw milk, pinch of salt and two teaspoonful of lime juice, use this as cleansing lotion as it helps to clean the pores of skin.


3. Natural bleaching agents like lemon, potato can be applied directly on the face to maintain the skin tone.



4. Application of plain curd can lighten your skin as it is rich in zinc and lactic acid.


5. For delicate skin as that of babies, mixture of almond and olive oil with pinch of saffron is quite useful.


6. Raw milk can be applied daily to get fair skin. It is very helpful in case of babies.


Each skin type is different; you can find the out what suits your skin best and follow it.

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hi my skin colour is weatist i want i look fair let bit tell me some tips and creams name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
by shabu     19-Feb-2012
If you wrote an article about life we'd all reach elnightnement.
by Zyah     19-Feb-2012
hi m 25 years old my skin colour is very dark and rough even neck part is also very dark.have black under arms,waist and hips.please suggest some best home remedies and fairness cream.
by Dev     19-Feb-2012
my skin looks very dark and pimple scares i have black under arms pls suggest a good fairness cream
by suganya     06-Mar-2012
Hi! i m Piyuli of 24 yrs old... this october m getng marid, my skin is dark in color and very sensitive as well. So can you please give me some remedies to make my skin fairer and glowing before my marriage. can i get the name of some medicines as well which i can eat and make my skin fairer
by Piyuli Ghosh     14-Mar-2012
my face colour is yellowlish... i really need fair complexion...plz help meee... nd i dont know wich sunscreen is best for mee and how to apply and remove it..
by anjali tanwar     17-Apr-2012
hi im a 30 year old pragnant housewife i want to know how to keep my skin healthy during pragnancy
by priti     09-May-2012

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