How To Get Young And Soft Feet


We do not take care of our feet as we take care of the other parts of our body. This negligence leads to dry feet. Uncared feet appear dull. They become unattractive. However, it is better to be late than never. You can start caring your feet from now onwards. You need not worry as to how you can get young and soft feet. It is possible by putting in required efforts in this direction. If you follow these measures you are sure to get young and soft feet looking as lustrous as your facial skin.  


Avoid Keeping Your Feet Rough and Dry


Check your feet every day


First and foremost is that you should not allow your feet to become rough and dry. Just applying nail polish is not going to make your feet look beautiful. You should give regular attention to your feet to make it look young. As you grow old your feet also become discolored and dry. You may also develop calluses in your feet due to sustained and fractious work given to your feet. These problems can worsen in the course of time. However, you can take remedial steps to get back your feet to its original condition. Remember, patience is required in treating your feet and to enjoy the results. 


Keep Your Feet Hydrated


Put lotion on the tops and bottoms of your feet


Your feet do not have as many oil glands as you have in other areas of your body. So they become dry easily. Therefore, you should ensure that your feet stay hydrated properly. To achieve this you should apply foot cream just after finishing your bath. Do not remove the moisture on your feet so that it can help restoring the softness. Use creams having heavy formulae that are especially made for treating the feet. Body lotions will not be effective on your feet. There is special foot cream used for exfoliating your feet. These creams can be helpful in removing the dead cells which have formed into thick layer in your feet. If your feet skin has become abnormally thick, your dermatologist can suggest you some prescription lotions that can relieve your feet of this excessive roughness. 


Regular Feet Massage for Removal of Dead Skin


Regular feet massage


Another development concerning the feet is that they can they gather up extra skin over time. This skin can stick to your nail, causing large cuticles. To solve this problem you should soften the cuticles by treating them once in two weeks. The procedure involves massaging your cuticles with cuticle oil. After massaging keep your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Then apply cuticle remover containing allantoin, on your feet. The dead skin is softened by the cuticle remover. Now it is easy for you to remove the unwanted dead skin. 


Feet Skin Exfoliation


You can also exfoliate your feet skin using sugar and orange. Raw sugar works better. Swirl the sugar around your feet using the cut side or an orange. Then apply Vaseline and wear socks overnight. In the morning you can find your feet to be soft. 


Maintaining Hygiene of Feet


Keep your feet clean. Wash off the dirt as and when needed. If you have cracks in the feet, rub pumice stone on the affected portion during your bath. This will remove the dead skin. Mix Vaseline and lemon juice and apply on the cracks of your feet. Olive oil also serves the same purpose. 


Home Remedies to Get Soft Feet/Home Pedicure



Dip Your Feet:  dip your feet in warm water to which lemon juice is added or lavender oil. Neem leaves also have a natural anti-bacterial effect and hence it can be added to the water.


Scrubbing with Pumice Stone: To remove the dead worn out skin, rub your feet with pumice stone.


Massage Your Feet: After feet scrubbing, massage your feet with petroleum jelly or Vaseline and olive oils. Wear socks overnight. The effect will be seen in a week.


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