How to Maintain Hands


Hands are a vital tool in our everyday lives; they tend to show wear and tear much more readily than that of other parts of the body. It is necessary that the hands and fingernails are meant to be kept clean for healthy living. If you get into the habit of proper maintenance of your hands and nails you can reduce the chances of hand related problems in the near future. One must keep in mind that hands are not only for doing work; beautiful hands are as much needed for the completion of your beauty.


Some Tips on How to Maintain Hands


Moisturize Your Hands: Keep your hands and nails properly moisturized to prevent roughness and cracking frequently during the working hours. Use an effective hand cream at least once per day and please make sure to rub it into your nails.



Regular Nail Care:  Be sure to trim your nails regularly. You should cut them straight across with a nail clipper. Avoid biting your nails or picking at hangnails. Consult your doctor and start using an anti-biting product to your nails if you have a nail-biting problem. These products have a foul taste that will discourage you from putting your nails into your mouth. Never try to pull or tear off a hangnail.


While Applying a New Nail Paint: Before applying nail polish, if there is an existing one, then remove via nail polish remover and then apply the nail polish. While removing nail polish, use a remover that does not contain acetone, which can be extremely drying to the nails. Manicure is the way to shape and beatify the nails. Make sure to select the color that suits your skin.


Regular Care Necessary: As many people aware, color of the hands cannot be obtained in a day and hence people can make the hands look great when they dress up in such a way. Keeping the hands waxed, moisturized and protected with sun screen are good ways to maintain the beauty of your hands.


Nails and Hands Brushing: Brush your hands and nails gently. Try to wear a thin ring, say silver or gold which suits you. This could provide add on look to your hands.



Hand Scrubbing: One should understand that lotions alone cannot retain the softness and beauty of your hands. Wash your hands gently with the soap and then scrub the hands with sugar for about 2 minutes.


Avoid Contact with Detergents:  While washing vessels we may use detergents or other chemical substances. The continuous contact with detergents may make the skin very rough and hence use rubber gloves while washing to protect the hands from the harsh effects of the chemicals.


Prefer Natural Products: Always use natural products instead of chemical based cosmetics for beautifying your hands to reduce damage to the skin and nails. 

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