How To Make People Like You

In today’s world of refined social etiquette, how to make people like you is a question faced by many. Human social interaction is about giving, not taking, and surely not showing off. To learn how to make people like you, you need to appreciate certain home truths.   


How to Make People Like You Tip 1: Roundabout Conversation


If you want to show off something about yourself, better not start crowing about it as soon as you pick up a conversation, let it come with the flow. It’s important to subtly guide the conversation and let it take it’s own pace, not be a control freak about it. Also, never be pompous, it’s a certain put-off.


How to Make People Like You Tip 2: First Contact


At first contact with a person, it’s important to pick up conversation quickly, or interest is lost, making way for awkwardness over the original attraction. Show some respect for whatever might be important for the person. It’s good to be polite and ask about family, interests, education etc. If you have some tendencies or habits to very obviously put off a person, such as getting physically excited, fight them.



How to Make People Like You Tip 3: Genuine Interest


Develop a genuine interest in the person. What goes around, comes around. The right reactions, comments, expressions, eye-contact and never to yawn are very important. Make conversation on the opposite person’s interests, and let them do most of the talking. Be an active member in the conversation even then, it’s a two-way thing. If you find a common topic of interest or experience, build up on it. Work, hobbies, films etc are good topics. Compliments help, too and are easy to give.


How to Make People Like You Tip 4: Water-Down Negatives


 If your likes don’t match, don’t go ranting over the issue. Have a firm opinion if you want to, but make it define you in such a way that you gain the opposite person’s respect, not loath. Many times two people agree to disagree on a topic and live perfectly at peace with each other. The idea is that the social system is based on respect, and you need to give it to earn it. It makes a positive impression on the opposite person if you politely beg to differ rather than arguing.


How to Make People Like You Tip 5: Humor


 A good sense of humor can make people laugh. This reduces conversational barriers. Make sure your jokes are not politically incorrect, socially unacceptable, monotonous or referring to topics such as bodily functions with noisy onomatopoeias. Witty jokes can bring the person’s attention to you. If you’re well-read, you’re golden.


How to Make People Like You Tip 6: Visual Characteristics


 It helps to look decent. Going around dressed in a way considered inappropriate by majority of society will get you no starters. To stand out from the crowd, rather than looks, posture and body language matter more. In a conversation, only 7% information is conveyed through words. Its 55% body language, and 38 for voice tonality and texture. Thus your personality matters a lot. Generally try to keep away from piercings, unkempt hair or out-of-the-world clothing and accessories.


How to Make People Like You Tip 7: Reputation


Your reputation precedes you in certain social circles, make sure you build and maintain a decent reputation. You can start off simply. Do jobs on time; remember names of people, their kids, and anything important to them. If people hear of you to be a decent person, they’ll try to strike up a conversation. Well begun is half done even in this case.


How to Make People Like You Tip 8: Be Sociable


Charisma doesn’t easily come to many, but you can have at least a semblance of it. The casual reference to the news, effortless greetings, wishes of good health make people like you. It’s not really you that people perceive; it’s your social profile. Make an image of yourself and sustain it. You need to frequently refresh your image in people’s minds through small talk, good deeds, dinner invitations etc. Active and healthy use of social networking sites is good here.

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