How To Prevent Dry Skin


It is apt to state that dehydration is one of the major causes for dry skin. Consumption of good dosage of water can help in retaining the moisture of skin which as a result will give a healthy glow to your skin. This is one of the reasons that doctors use skin condition as a parameter to detect many abnormalities in the body. One of the easiest ways to attain a healthy skin is to get rid of dry skin. A person who has a dry skin should make it a point to consume at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps in the purification process of the body. When the body is deprived of the necessary amount of water, then the skin is most likely to get dry. And dry skin can also serve as a factor through which conditions like dandruff can surface.


Tips To Prevent Dry Skin

Internal Care


The daily diet consumed by an individual also has a tremendous affect on our skin.


1. Avoid Excess Sugars: Sugary food products are best when avoided, and the same rule applies for caffeine too. These types of food products or drinks make the pores on the skin larger in size.



2. Dietary Tips for Dry Skin: A balanced and healthy diet can be the solution for dry skin. A diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken are ideal to keep a healthy skin.


3. Protein Rich Food: Protein based food such as beans should also be consumed. To keep the digestive system in a proper working condition, it is necessary to eat fiber based food products.


4. Avoid Excess Fats: By consuming fat rich foods and inadequate amount of water, one can easily attract dry skin. That being said, it is also crucial to understand that although too much of fats are bad for our skin but there are some essential fatty acids which needs to be consumed in an appropriate quantity.


5. Food Rich in Omega 3 Fats: Tuna and salmon are sources of fatty acids, which on consumption aids dry skin prevention. Omega 3 fatty acid based foods should also find a place in your daily diet.  By keeping the levels of hormones balanced, occurrence of dry skin can be prevented. And the level of hormones can remain balanced when a person gets proper exercise and a healthy diet. A skin specialist should be consulted at the event of serious aggravation observed in the skin. 


External Care


Effective Moisturization for Dry Skin


Besides a healthy diet and lots of water, another thing that can save you from the clutches of dry skin is a moisturizing lotion of high quality. The lotions can aid in maintaining the moisture levels of the skin. While shopping for the right lotion, it is imperative to choose a product with a considerable degree of SPF, since it will help in shielding the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Excessive exposure of the skin in the sun, can also give rise to dry skin. Although it would be utterly foolish to believe that by just using a good lotion and embracing an unhealthy diet, would prevent dry skin. The combination of a balanced diet, proper water consumption and a suitable moisturizer would result in the prevention of dry skin.

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