How to Start Your Day


As said, “Beginning of everything in bitter”, so are the initial half an hour during early morning. For maximum of us, getting up early in the morning is really the toughest task in the world but one who manages to pick up the routine wins the race. You have two options to wake you up in the morning.


Options for You in the Morning


First is to keep on snoozing your alarm clock till the deadline is reached and then crawling to the washroom to have a bath. Second is to force you up to get up early and get involved in activities that will decide how your day will move.


Here are some tips that will really help in overcoming morning laziness and will facilitate you to kick start your day.



Maintain a Good Routine


It has been seen that people who don’t plan their daily schedule are bound to get up late as they are late to bed. So, make a daily planner of everything. For e.g. your breakfast time, lunch, dinner time and time for going to bed. Though for initial few weeks you will find it difficult but then your body will become used to all this routine.


Schedule Your Alarm 30 Minutes Early


If you have a habit of snoozing the alarm then it’s better that you schedule it 30 minutes before than the usual time. Else go to bed half an hour before. Eight hours of sleep is mandatory for the normal functioning of the body.


Practice Morning Exercise Daily


Though I may sound bit harsh in saying this but let me tell you that getting up early and doing yoga or morning walk for even half an hour will rejuvenate your body and you will feel energetic the whole day. Just try out this tomorrow and see the change in you.


Pull off the Curtains as Soon as You Wake


The time you wake up just pull off the curtains or turn on the lights and open the doors. Let the fresh air come inside. Morning air is precious yet many of us refrain from it. This will make your mind alert.


Drink One Glass of Water on Waking Up



Health benefits of water are beyond any doubts but drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up will help you regain your senses within no time. It increases the Tips To Beat Morning Laziness, Waking Up Early Morning, Early Morning Routine, Morning Exerciseslertness levels. Reasons being that while sleeping you loses water with every breath and this can cause dehydration in the morning.



Start With the Thing that Interests You


Morning is the best time to know what is of your interest because your that act will help you leave your bed at faster pace. You can listen to music, solve mental games like Rubik’s cube or engage in some novel reading of your favorite writer. I like reading Chetan Bhagat’s novel early in the morning. It brings a kick start in me. Avoid any negative thoughts. This might kill your whole day.


Never Skip Your Breakfast


Last week I had an assessment and in hurry I skipped my breakfast. Guess what? During assessment I wasn’t able to concentrate, my head started to burst and my day ended with frustration. From that day I decided not to skip my breakfast.


Breakfast is an important meal of the day. You overnight fasting body is in great need of food and breakfast provide you that. So, never skip it. Have nutritious food to start your day.


So, these were the few tips on how to get up with high energy in the morning. These tips really helped me. Hope they also bring a change in your life. Good luck!!!

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