How To Take Care Of Dry Skin

The prime reason for the dryness of the skin is due to the damage of the uppermost level of the skin, which is known as the epidermis. The basic symptom of dry skin is that the texture of the skin becomes rough and the urge to itch can also develop. People can easily detect the presence of dry skin, by looking at the white patches formed on the skin. To maintain the sebum levels is also necessary, but due to the deterioration of pollution levels, it becomes very hard to maintain the sebum level. By losing your heart over the issue is not at all the solution. All one needs to do is take care of the skin as it is as important as having a healthy diet.  


Steps in Getting rid of dry skin


Avoid Cheap Brands: The first step towards getting rid of dry skin is to purchase high quality skin care products. The most essential ingredient for skin care is the soap. Spending money on good quality soap would prove to be very beneficial for your skin. The soaps which are available at low prices only accentuate the level of dryness of the skin. Most of the soaps are devoid of glycerin and hence catalyzes the process of dryness. The quantities of chemicals which are an ingredient in soaps are not only high but they also prove to be very harmful.


         Avoid Cheap Brands          Herbal Bathing Products           Chose Cleansing Gels Wisely


Rely On Herbal Bathing Products: But if you shift your loyalty towards natural soaps then you can be assured of a supple skin. The main ingredient of natural soap is glycerin, which are essential for the well being of the skin. So instead of robbing the skin of all the moisture, the natural soaps instead act as a moisturizer for the skin. The skin stops feeling dry after it is washed with a natural soap. Natural soaps will definitely find a place in your heart and you will happily bid goodbye to ordinary soaps.


Chose Cleansing Gels Wisely: One should be very careful while choosing a cleansing gel, as most of them has harmful chemicals. Cleansers with a high amount of chemical make the skin dry as it does not contain glycerin and it also steals the oils which are originally produced by the body.


Avoid Over-Shower: Spending a lot of time in the shower might feel good but it is not at all good for the prosperity of the skin. Also while taking bath, add oils like olive, almond, hazelnut etc. Avoid excessive hot water bath during winters.


                              Avoid Over-Shower                           Diet For Skin Dryness               After Bath Moisturizers 


Diet To Prevent Skin Dryness: Increase EFAs like cold water fish, walnut and flaxseeds. They are richly supplied with omega 3 fatty acids that helps fight skin dryness. Also adding primrose oil and flaxseeds to the diet is beneficial for dry skin.

Diet rich in magnesium, EFA, Vitamin C and beta carotene feeds the skin from inside making it less prone to dryness.


Apply After Bath Moisturizers: It is imperative to apply a coat of moisturizer the moment you get out of the shower (after the skin is dried with a towel). This step would help to introduce moisture in the body in an appropriate manner as immediately after taking a bath the remains a bit moist and the moisture can be retained for a longer period of time. Moisturizer can do magic for curbing dry skin. So applying a moisturizer on a daily basis is necessary. Moisturizers can control the dryness of the skin by retaining the water content which is present on the upper layer of the skin. To protect the lips from getting dried, a lip gel needs to be used.


Applying a moisturizer during winds, sun, cold, heat, dry office and while in air-plane helps prevent the dryness of skin.


Treatment For Dry Skin


Exfoliate:  Remove the dead skin layer with some good scrubber and then moisture the exposed parts properly and cover them with socks before going to bed. You can try papaya, yogurt (rich in lactic acid) and pumpkins that serves as excellent natural cleansers during exfoliation.


                                                 Exfoliate                                                           Face Masks For Dry Skin


Face Masks For Dry Skin: Face masks of yogurt and papaya (enzyme conditioning mask); pumpkin and cinnamon mask; three berry (strawberry, raspberry and blue berry) antioxidant hand and foot mask are good face masks that beat the dryness of skin.

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