How To Treat Bee Sting And Its Swelling

Bee sting is considered a nuisance and everybody wants to stay miles away from it. There can be times when one cannot avoid bee sting and swelling. In most of the cases the pain caused by bee sting and swelling does not last for a long period of time. Swelling is the most common symptom of a bee sting. One can experience immense pain during the moment when a bee stings. There are some people who can develop allergic reactions due to bee stings. Bee sting and swelling can be cured with the help of various home treatments. But the guidance of a doctor is necessary if somebody develops an allergic reaction or if someone has multiple stings.  


The first step towards curing bee sting and swelling is to get rid of the stinger which the bee introduces into the skin during stinging. The removal of the stinger will ensure that the poison (attached to the stinger) does not spread in the body. The stinger can be extracted with the help of a credit card, but one should ensure that the affected area does not get squeezed, as it can help the poison to spread. The bee sting and swelling region needs to be covered by ice cubes in a cloth. The help of calamine lotion can also be taken in order to decrease the bee sting and swelling. If a person gets too uncomfortable due to bee sting and swelling then he can consume antihistamine. There is a certain amount of risk as far as spreading of infection due to bee sting and swelling is concerned. So it is necessary to clean the affected region with soap and water, so that the infection does not get the scope to spread any further.



Bee sting and swelling can also be treated with a dash of toothpaste. Besides swelling, itching is also a symptom of bee sting. To get rid of the itching, one can apply Aloe Vera on the affected area. People, who experience a burning sensation due to bee stings, can use calendula powder to reduce the sensation. A person has both the options of applying calendula power or lotion in order to combat the discomfort caused by bee stings. But it is advisable to use the calendula lotion as its penetration power is much more than the powder, and hence a person can observe quicker results with the usage of calendula lotion. Some people also use slices of onion for seeking relief from bee sting and swelling. To ward away the toxic influences of a bee sting, one can rub a small portion of iron on the affected region. In some cases, one can immediately notice a tinge of green color on the skin. But this should not be a cause of concern as it is a side effect of rubbing iron on the skin. To catalyze the healing process of bee sting and swelling one can apply a mixture of lemon and honey on the area where the bee has stung.

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